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Oct 18, 2005
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I was thinking of competing in my local Toughman event that`s held every year around June/July. The Toughman is a combative event that any male over 18 is allowed to enter. It
if only striking is allowed, strenghten your neck and do as much sparring as possible, and good luck
Yeah, if ground work is allowed, practice that a lot. That could be a key weapon if not a lot of people are ready for it.
how long are the rounds?
join a boxing gym and hire a trainer. Boxing lessons aren't that expensive around here...I imagine it's the same in your area.

And if ground fighting is allowed...same thing, but with a BJJ coach.
Sorry, can't help with advice, but I have a question...

Why are spinning backfists outlawed? I understand taking out elbows and headbutts, but spinning backfists?
also, if you can get in some kickboxing'll need that. You'll need to spend time pounding your shins into the bag as your opponents will be trying to take them out during the fight.
I went to something like that once, back when I got back into trianing, I had the hand skills and ran everyday I thought I was ready, I got there kept my composier and was ready to it. I had to wait about 4 hours before I got a chance to fight. I thought I would choke because of all the people but as soon as I got into the ring they dissapeared and the gloves were all sweety. I had to fight a guy who won it before in his weight devision as my first fight, sadly my only fight he came out swinging for teh fences I hung with him in the first round by hanging I mean we just basicaly stood in the middle of the ring and traded blows, when I sat down between rounds the corner men were really helpful but I was just too tired my hands felt like they weighed a ton and I just couldnt go so I just got pounded on for the remaining two rounds, I did however throw a spinning backfist and the ref yelled at me for it but after the match he asked me if i took anything I said karate and he sait it was cool because he was some sort of kickboxing champ. Overall I learned alot about myself and was happy when the night was over I think I was one of the youngest people there and was congradulated by someone who saw they fight and I went home with both sides of my nose busted wide open.
If you got no stamina, I think you've answered your own question. You seem to have the experience to do well you just need to be able to stick with it in the later rounds/fights.
Just wanna get some ideas on training routines, like if time wasn
kingkokong said:
I have done 12 years of karate, 4 years of kickbox, and the last three have been vale tudo. Since I should have a bit of the weight avantage, I
I would do a lot of rounds. Run like a mother fucker too. But Rounds, Rounds, Rounds, you want to be relaxed in there.
Train 5 minute rounds, if u r fighting 3 minute round it will teach you to fight longer and its a good way to build cardio...Also most fights are a series of extreme burts of energy followed by a lull. So its good to train sprints and running uphill and stadiums.
If you've never fought before, your shoulders and arms will get TIRED because you'll be throwing hard the whole time. Use the heavy bag and SPEEDBAG to get some seirous muscular endurance in your shoulders and upper arms.

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