Top Ten Signs


Feb 18, 2005
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The top ten signs that you will be tapping soon are:

10.) You think Silvio Behring is a Brazilian pop singer.
9.) You think a toe hold is when you grab somebodies toe and twist them
8.) The girls in the club can bench press more than you
7.) The girls can bench press you
6.) The brown belt from Brazil keeps smiling at you
5.) The white-belts snicker at you to your face
4.) Teacher is hesitant to let you roll anybody heavier than 75 lbs. " for your safety, my friend."
3.) People ask your opponent if he wants pepper " to go with the mat-meat!"
2.) Sensei/Teacher still ties your belt on for you before class.

the #1 reason you will tap out tonight is:
You are a fat, outta shape, schlub/neighbourhood tuff guy and you are challenging these " pyjama-wearing faries " to see if they can make you, the teacher accepts.
9.) You think a toe hold is when you grab somebodies toe and twist them.

Its not?!? lol
You know you'll be tapping or losing when your opponent's coach starts shouting instructions at you on what to do.

This is the funniest/meanest stuff i've ever witnessed at tournaments.
when you have leg hairs in your mouth?
I hate it when you get hair in your mouth. I roll with this long shaggy hair fruit cake sometimes, and I always end up pulling hair off my teeth.
lolol, i keep thinking of rampage's "hairy-ass legs" comment
Funny stuff.
dutchmasterj3 said:
did you come up with these?
Ya, do you like them? I was thinking of doing it once a week, kinda like Letterman, wadda youse think?
haha funnt stuff, keep em coming :D