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Aug 19, 2007
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Hi all,

I follow powerlifting (obviously), and it amazes me sometimes how under the radar certain elite-level powerlifters are. I think that, in general, most casual gym-goers have no idea who anyone is, besides a few well-known lifters.

So, I decided to make a thread in which I give quick profiles of top lifters, both big and small, past and present, male and female. My help is to introduce people to the names of lifters they might not normally come across.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. I know we have a "top strength athletes video" thread, but I'm hoping this will be a little bit more informative and thus have a different objective.
Lifter: Petr Petras
Accolades include:
* 1055kg raw powerlifting total (that's 2325 lbs. and one of the biggest raw totals in history).
* That total included a 926-lb. squat, 562-lb. bench press, and 838-lb. deadlift

A spectacular lifter who looked to be in a position to break the 2400-lb. barrier. I don't know what he's been up to lately--to my knowledge, he hasn't done a full-power meet since 2011--but I believe he competed as a bench presser in 2012 and put up a 595-lb. bench. His competition video is one of the most impressive things I've ever seen from a raw heavyweight, period; up there with Benni and Malanichev as one of the strongest 308 or above lifters of the last few years.
I have to agree it's ridiculous how many good lifters there are out there, putting up huge numbers, getting zero recognition.

Look forward to additional posts.
Lawd, dem squats could have been a bit cleaner.
Look forward to additional posts.

wut! 140kg cheat curls.
Could someone link to the top strength athletes video thread? The search didn't find it.
Lifter: Taylar Stallings

Accolades include:
* A raw powerlifter who's the owner of seven world records across three weight classes. She's competed at 198, 181, 165, and will soon be competing at 148 lbs.
* Has totaled 1245 lbs. raw at 181 lbs.

This former track and field star at USF is easily one of the top raw female powerlifters in the world. Her strength across all three lifts is amazing, as is the fact that she's set her world records across three weight classes while moving in reverse; in other words, she's dropped down three weight classes and continued to set world records.

Now a 148-lb. powerlifter, she has the ability to total Elite in February at RUM 6.

...And I'm referring to the male Elite standard, not the female one. She'd stack up very favorably to all but the very best raw male powerlifters in her weight class. Like Jennifer Thompson, she's another amazing female U.S. powerlifter who purports to be drug-free.

Again, she'll be attempting to take down the 148-lb. world record in February at RUM make sure to watch!
Damn, keo. You better watch out :D
Again, great thread. Keep them coming Keo, really enjoying reading these.
Sergej Moser, one of the strongest German Powerlifter ever.

1000 kg raw total: Squat 402,5 kg, bench 252,5 kg, deadlift 345


He's also a competitive bodybuilder.
The other lifter in the video is Holger Kuttroff, who died 2010 of a heart attack.

Holger Kuttroff died today while performing squats. He was surrounded by his strength team. He was capable of a 4 inch below parallel Olympic style, raw squat, belt only of 840-850 lbs at age 40. Working 40-55 hours of heavy labor during night shift as a butcher. I don`t know of anyone in strength history with such an immense workschedule who could do that. He is remembered and deeply missed by countless brothers in iron whose life he touched. People loved this jovial giant. Many in Germany will cry when they get knowledge of his passing.

I never ever met a man with a more genuine friendliness than Holger. Despite his oxstrength (raw paused bench of 600 as a nonbench specialist on several occasions) he treated people with respect, warmth and care. He never spoke a bad word about anyone and helped in establishing many powerlifting careers by coaching anybody that showed true interest-regardless of talent. Those whom you met will remember you.

You made a huge impact in your short life. We will miss you, Holger.

Wolfgang Hasenmaier, 13th July 2010
Here's a meet video of what (I think) was Holger's last meet:

960kg (2116 lb.) total.

And here's another one. You'll see him squat 410kg (901 lbs.) in wraps here:

Thanks for the awesome contributions!
Lifter: Dan Austin
Accolades include:
* Former world-record holder in single-ply at 148 lbs., totaling 1700+.
* Current world-record holder in the deadlift at 148 lbs. (694 lbs.)

Dan Austin is one of the great 148-lb. lifters in the history of powerlifting. His 694-lb. deadlift was performed at the infamous Hawaii Record Breakers meet, in which second attempts on lifts could be taken within the allotted time (if you notice, he actually slips on his first try and misses it, only to attempt it a few seconds later and get it). He's a reputed strength and conditioning coach (he now works at the U. of South Carolina) and the author of "Powerlifting: The Complete Guide to Technique, Training, and Competition."