To old to start training?


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Dec 8, 2002
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I love mma, I would really like to try it but iam 29 years old and havent been in shape in many years. Plus I have a 45 hr job to take care of my family. Is it even possible for me to give this a try and compete or should I just stick with my day job. Any help would be great
I don't think your age would hinder you....never too old to get in shape.

That said you have to think about your life and your time...if you have family responcibilities you will have to take that into account....

Then again 3 hours a week (3 one hour classes) isnt much time to shift for health and enjoyment....thats one game of football.....and I'm sure you can re-allocate some TV time.....or do it.
Give it a go mate, its great fun.

I'm 27yrs old, 5 years ago I hadn't heard of the UFC or Pride or even mma itself. I have a young family and a full time job (40hrs a week). But I train regularly and mma is now a big part of my life.

Try it who knows you may even like it enough to compete. I had several fights and its awesome getting in ring/cage and having a go.
I'm 29, and I just started 6 months ago and I work 60+ hours a week. I LOVE IT. I am also kinda glad I'm just starting because I can help the "kids" with real life stuff and they can help me with training.
never to old, start and see how it dwevelops from there.
Never too old, one of my training partners when I took up mma was well into his 40s with a full time job a family and a karate school which he also ran and had only recently taken up mma.
never too old to get in shape, mma is the shit, deffinitely give it a go

don't make excuses and set a realistic, manageable workout schedule for yourself.

I'm 35, married, have a child, and run my own business which actively takes about 60 hours of my time per week (I work 7 days). My schedule is hectic and unrelenting, and I've been doing it for 6 years straight. Until about 7 months ago, I was a smoker (1/2 to full pack a day), was indiscriminant about what I put in my body, and got little or no excercie. Then I decided to make a life change. When I started, it was difficult to do three 3-minute rounds on my 75lb bag, or skip for more than three 3-minute rounds. Bottom-line, I was a sloppy, weak-ass turd.

My workouts take an average of 45 minutes, about 4 times per week. I mix it up between heavy bag work (structured timed rounds or Bas Rutten MMA workout), double-end bag work (structured timed rounds), Tabatas (push-ups, sit ups, Hindu-squats), skipping rope, and assorted, albeit very core-oriented, weight training. I'm still not smoking, eating well, taking a select few supplements (a basic vitamin, an Omega 3-6-9 fish/borage/flax oil combo, and a daily protein shake) and feel pretty fucking great.

The changes in my body have been significant and noticeable to everyone. I can now skip for over 30 minutes straight, can do an assortment of body weight exercises, and I now use a 200lb heavybag as the 75lb bag is far too light now.

Don't make excuses dude. It's never too late to invest time into your health, because in the end, without your health, you have fuck all.
I started muay thai when I was 31...and got in better shape than ever before in my life...

One of my friends who had done a few years of MT earlier in his life wanted to get in shape before joining with me and he never did join after all. So, don't let that become an excuse.

Swallow your pride and enjoy the experience of learning something new...your fitness will automatically and dramatically improve
I apprecaite all the encouragement but what about competing and where can i found beginner competitions.or do they even exist
There are plenty of shows that will match up beginners againsts each other, the pay is terrible but you are doing it for the experience at first.
33, global marketing role (lots of travel), 3 yr old child AND 170kg (375lbs - I know, I know) and I'm currently training in kickboxing & some grappling - I WILL enter an amateur kickboxing show in June.

Too late to be UFCchampion? probably (though look at Randy!)

Too late to get in shape, get some skills & take it as far as you want? no!

Look at it this way - wanna get to 40/50/60 and be in worse shape with no skills? No? Then start training & see how far you get!
Not too old IMO. I'm 26 and I just started training about six months ago. I also have a family and run my own business. It's hard to fit in some weeks but if you really want to do it you will. It's extremely possible for you to compete in small shows. You just have to put in the time training and you should be good to go after a year or so.
Not too old. You can start in two ways. You can either get in shape first and then find a good school, or you can find a good school and use it to get in shape. Your choice. Do you have ANY training? boxing or wrestling maybe? If you're a true newb at 29 you'll have to work a little harder than a 20 year old would, but you certainly won't be limited by your age. I'm on the left coast, but I'm sure there are good schools out in NY. I recommend combat sports to everyone, regardless of age. Not only does it get your ass in shape, it tends to make life a lot more bearable.
I'm 29, also, and started training in martial arts about 2 years ago. There really aren't any MMA schools around where I live, but the studio I go to does boxing and kick-boxing. I'm trying to find a place to start grappling.

Anyway, to get to the point, you're never to old to start. You just have to dedicate yourself to it. Don't go in half-hearted and expect to make huge improvement, especially not when you're coming in out of shape. But, don't give up on it. What's the worst that could happen? You get choked out or knocked out.
I'm 26 with a 2 year old and a full time job....I train 3-4 days a week now. I also beat the crap out of all the 18 year olds who train with there is hope...........GET TO IT
I am 25 yrs old I work 45 hour work week too at first I found it hard to juggle time with my family and training. Although I spend more like 7 hours a week training but I found out that my son was able to come to the gym with me. He goes off I tries to imitate what we do I teach him what I can and he also interacts quite a bit with the rest of the gym members and trainers. Also with the wife, we go running together or what ever cardio that we chose. So i hope my situation can either help you out or possibly give you ideas on what you can do. Cause i found it very addicting and the healthy lifestyle caught on with the rest of my family and now we all enjoy it in one aspect or the other. But I do really encourage you to start training you wont be disappointed
No one is ever too old/overweight or whatever to learn to defend themselves as well as get into shape.

The only thing that can affect u is being to lazy.
i have to agree with the never too old crowd. but for whatever it's worth, keep my recent experience in mind. i am 34 years old. have been a lazy couch potato for many years. abuot 3 months ago i started a very basic and easy jogging and weightlifting program. in that time i've managed to drop from 184lbs to 162...and stay there without lots of ups and downs.

so i was feeling pretty good about my progress and decided to go to my first BJJ class this past thursday night.

you guys remember all those stupid disclaimers on the bottom of tv commercials? they are for guys like me.

just make sure you are in reasonable shape, cardio....and flexibility...before trying that stuff.

the class was great and i will be back.....but not for a couple of weeks.

immediately....i pulled a muscle in my chest/collar bone area....and am now in agaony even to breath or stand up straight.

and all because i wasn't honest with myself about my conditioning. not to mention i was fricking gassed after the first 30 minutes of the class! heavy head....that ringing sound in your ears!! hahaha

so maybe this is all common sense to most people.....but i've always been kind of hard headed....

go for it.....but do it smart!
Good point Miami - if you are older & out of shape then things like warm up, cool down & recovery are all more important. I find if I can get to class five minutes early & do a few joint rotations & so forth even before the regular warm up it really helps. The same for cool down. And some light stretching & walking on the off days helps

Nutrition is also important to aid recovery - a protein/carb combo right after training seems to help me, as does aspirin (but only after class). I think eating right all the time would help as well - but as I eat like a pig, I'm not one to advise you!