those of you at Rodrigo Medeiros school in SD


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Apr 11, 2007
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I seem to be having problems with their webiste.

I was mostly curious about the prices/plans. Is there some type of unlimited classes type of plan? If so, how much? Also, roughly how many classes are taught through out the day?

No idea, but I do love my Rodrigo Medeiros dvds. I wish I could have an opportunity to train with him.
Rodrigo was over and taught at my club 2 weeks ago.

Fuck the website off, get down the gym and shoot the breeze with him, that way you'll get all the info you need, you'll get a feel for the place and you can say to him for me! Dave at Carlsons Tonbridge -UK!
Ginzaline - I'm an instructor at Rodrigo's academy.

I believe the prices are $150 unlimited - Gi, no-gi & Judo. There are also pre-payment plan options that save $$$. We have a TON of classes daily. Usually 5 classes per day M-Sat.

Come in and speak to Rodrigo or Stefano about all the options. They usually can work out some deals. Best times to catch Rodrigo are on the weekdays M-F 10:30 - 12 or 5-8pm.

Hope to see you there.