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Feb 17, 2008
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I am sticking on my current routine until the end of this school quarter, but I was thinking about trying this one for summer since I want to get better form on my cleans. Anyways, here is the routine copy/pasted from the site where I got it. I have never seen it before and just wanted some opinions:

The Bill Starr Power Routine

When I was a freshman in college, Bill Starr gave me this routine to follow. It was designed for off-season football and general strength training. In the first 16 weeks I was on it, I added about 35 pounds of bodyweight, and took my total from a paltry 600 to over 950. Of course, I was also on the dorm
A program actually written by Bill Starr?
What site is this from?
I would do overhead press instead of inclines. So would Bill Starr. But this routine was written for high school kids without good coaching for the press, and at the time, the press was getting alot of bad "press" for being bad for the back.
Ok cool... would I also want to incorporate a rowing movement somewhere?
Ok cool... would I also want to incorporate a rowing movement somewhere?

Not neccessarily. The powercleans hit the upper back pretty hard. The rows would be for people who can't learn the power clean properly. But I would do chinups after dips on Friday instead of the arm work. The dips and chins will be enough arm work.
looks good. agree with JPC. If you cant get cleans down to where you can use heavy weight, you can try doing dynamic rows....military press> incline press...
Oh and Merrill, I found it hidden away somewhere in the archives on ... I just copy/pasted it and saved it in word without thinking about saving the link, but if I stumble upon it again I will let you know.
I'm using essentially this routine right now - I just traded some cleans for snatches, high pulls for DLs, and Incline Bench for SOHP.

I'm starting my 5th week now and I am really enjoying it. The ramping 5x5 gives you good volume but you really only have to worry about the final set.

Also, make sure your starting top sets are well below your current 5rm. The site I got it from recommended hitting your current 5rm 4 weeks into the routine. Since you are building up with 4 sets, it's really a volume PR that week.
That is inconspicuously a fair dose of volume. I would have a hard time cleaning after squats. Definitely nix the incline for strict presses, and high pulls should hit the upper back just fine, though I don't see why you couldn't do BORs if you really wanted to. I couldn't go that long without subbing in at least a few deadlifts for cleans here and there. Should get you fockin huge though, provided you eat and sleep like nobody's business.