They both preformed poorly


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Jan 12, 2006
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JSD and Cain, have looked much better..

Maybe the stress/anxiety got to them? Neither looked themselves
Agreed. Worst title fight this year. JDS forgot how to box, and Cain forgot how to shoot a takedown
Cain looked very impressive

he looked like the heavy weight version of GSP ;)
Both of you like to suck dick... that was a ass kicking. Cain handled Dos Santos.
i actually agree
they both looked bad, especially jds
Why don't you get in there and show them how it's done?
Maybe the fact that they were each fighting one of the best HWs in the world had something to do with it?
Juniors movement looked off from the beginning, and gassed really quickly, Cain takedowns didn't look as good as usual.

Well done to Cain though.
The pace was pretty good for a HW fight but JDS gassed way too fast.
Most of Cains takedowns were pathetic.
Yet, JDS didn't counter against them.
JDS seemed very one dimensional.
Cain couldn't finish JDS when JDS was very gassed while he still had something left.
The last rounds looked like a drunker bar fight.

I didn't really care who would win but I was kind of disappointed even though the fight wasn't actually bad. Obviosly Cain looked better.
Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to present to you:

that fuckin' guy who can't enjoy anything
These people are just so stupid.

It is not that Cain's striking, aggresive gameplan, and ability to get the first big hit was was that JDS "forgot how to box"

It was not that JDS has phenomenal TDD, it is that Cain "could not shoot a good single"

Give me a break.

It's like these noobs forget that when you match two of the best guys in the world, both of them are in for a really hard fight....WOW, who would of figured!?!?!?!?
especially jds

yeh, I was like; wtf? he's been a beast in every other fight & in Cain's last 3 wins, he looked great

Frank Shamrock vs Tito look like a more modern & impressive than this
JSD and Cain, have looked much better..

Maybe the stress/anxiety got to them? Neither looked themselves

I think the only poor Performance here was Cigano's Cardio he did stuff a few takedowns in the first like it was nothing. The reason why cain look so bad is because he shot some takedowns like he is panicking,

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