The Official Hockey Thread

Hockey sucks and is way to violent!
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i dont think i would have the cash to actually go to a game.. but id imagine the bars in TO would be fucking insane

IF this town wins the cup, it will be out of control mayhem. Pure bedlam.
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haha i havent seen him often either.. but now that his team is out of playoffs, he might make a few cameos...
hows the new place?

Me and Espo are lampin'
If you ever get your ass up here bitch. I have not seen your brother for months. HIs bike is slowly rotting on our balchony.
I used to play street hockey all the time, I had a wicked backhand. I once gave someone stitches with it.
Did you let him punch you in the gut? That's what I did
What the hell is it with hockey and rule changes. Every year it seems like someone is upset with something. 15 sec faceoffs, moving the nets out, crease rule, no crease rule, instigators (worst rule ever).

If they don't want the goalies to handle the puck, I say make it simple. As soon as the goalie leaves his crease, he is fair game like everyone else. I'm sure after a couple goalies get drilled into the boards, and the other team scores before they can get back in net; they will think twice about going out to handle the puck.

Side note: 1st game of Flyers v Rangers home and home series coming up tonight. Should be fun (fighting). And Nittymaki is doing one hell of a job goaltending for the Flyers since Esche's injury. Even though the score doesn't reflect it, he stole that game vs the Devils on TUES.
Roenick's out indefinitely.

But more importantly is the awaited news on Primeau, which looked like a concussion. If Primeau goes down, Flyers are in trouble because he's the heart and soul of the team.

Won't be surprised to see Clarke make another trade for a 2nd/3rd line type center in the time being if both injuries are significant.
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Haha, oh man. Did anyone of you guy's catch the Flyer's game last night? They just showed some highlights from it on NHL Tonight. Something like 218 penalty minutes and 6 players ejected, goalies fighting eachother and everything.

i caught the replay of the last 3 mins, which lasted about 20 minutes of TV time, on SAT around 4am. Fun stuff and wish that kind of thing happened more often. here's the boxscore. 419 PIM, new nhl record.
He had a no trade clause so he is going to win a cup. Sather didn't have to trade him but did it so he can try to win a cup.
Two rough days and we still have like five to go.

If Simon gets traded I am pulling a Benny Blanco
No to Fleury.

Sharks/Wings should be a good game and its good for Detriot Hasek is gone
I don't know about that but I would hope so. He was a great goalie in his prime but he had little help. The Rangers have always played terrible team defence and had he played for a better defensive team like the Canadiens, I would say yes.
Watching Mike Richter's number being retired was great and sad at the same time. It was very classy and Richter was funny throughout.

I was in Minnesota for the all star game so I have been to the XCEL Centre, the ACC and Maple Leaf Gardens
3-1 Rangers over Devils, with those goals off 12 shots on Brodeur. Beautiful.

Whoever the goalie for Chicago is right now just got his head run into the ice twice, once by his own defenceman and then again by a Predator and another Blackhawk
Fuck I went on this rant about how great Kocur was and how people at that site are fucking idiots to say he wasn't feared and such and how there is an article on ESPN about how much of a dick Hasek is but the site crashed. Fuck