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Jun 17, 2004
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what about the running program of thai boxers ? i always hear about runs of 10km or so , but , what about sprinting, interval runinng ? do they do it ?
from what I hear, no, not normally.
actually I heard 6km,
I think the main purpose of running is to tighten up the body more than endurance,
can you believe that?

remember they fight only 3 rounds.
I think they need more explosive endurance than long distance endurance.
many Thaifighters are not bouncing up and down moving around like Tae Kwon Do guys.
When I was out there we ran 6 km in the morning and 3 km in the evening. Those were more warm up runs though. If it was busy we would go on a 8 km run, but it never got that busy to be honest.

There was a few aussies out there when we fought (k1 heavy weights) and they would do sets of hill sprints, about 300 m or so, twice a week. Joined in the last few weeks I was there, tough them aussies.
but i dont understand , if the fought 3 or 5 rounds ... they are going to need the mayor explosiveness , not a huge endurance like in a 15 round boxing match ..
so i think that their training in the heavy bag , pads , etc is enought for the explosiveness ...
Have you ever seen a 5 round thai fight?

They are slow as hell for the first 3 or so rounds and then start the work in round 4 and 5.

Major stamina comes from the pad work.

Was that reply in response to me or someone else?
Yeah, they run pretty long (at least an hour), but I'll have to say that this is for (mainly) warmup purposes. I remember a couple of times also when one of the trainers made us sprint (or at least run as fast as we could) for the last mile or so. I see the Thais mainly building explosiveness from hitting the pads and bags relentlessly. They don't do much weights either. However, I saw one kid having to do squats with a relatively light weight, but not one else did them.
I usually run 5 miles at the gym almost on a daily basis...

my first week of muay thai destroyed my legs.

they are overlapping in terms of cardiovascular exercise, but they also do totally different things.
Look at Buakaw, the man never gets tired. And I heard he does just 1 round. But for 20 minutes and he doesn't let up the pace.
Thai fights are 5 rounds.

FYI Thais don't judge the early rounds. A fighter can win from the last two rounds even if the other fighter was winning the first three.

Generally they don't do a lot in the first round (compared to what they can do) unless it is against Farangs.

Running---you guys probably run separate from your training (meaning hours difference or you run at the end of training---in Thailand you run at the start of a very hard workout). Running distances differ with what Gym you are at. Thais run more than the Farangs.

I have covered a lot of this before and so I will not re do all of that.

But there you go.

And, oh, some of the Thais don't run when it is raining.
Wasn't sure if you still posted teep, your the man I would have pointed to if I knew you still did.

The thing with thai rain though is that its like a monsoon, I wouldn't blame them for no running when it rains
You know instead of asking about each aspect and trying to replicate it, why don't you go to a MT training session or better yet, to a camp and find out for yourself.

The net can tell you, but it can't show you how to do it right when you do it wrong
because i dont have the money to go to thailand and see how the thais do their abs , so thats why im asking , i dont care about a mt training session in a gim in a city , im asking about fighters in thailand , and if this bother you , just dont even read it
What so special about Thais abs routine???
I doubt the even have one (please correct me if Im wrong)
toufeksian said:
anyone knows ? how many , how often ?

How about keeping all of this to one thread called 'Thai training routines" and stop making essentially the same thread over and over again? I'm merging this thread with your last one. Thanks.
Well if you don't want to go to where it really is--why should anyone tell you--what good is it going to do you?

Ian I post on other parts of sherdog now. Not worth the grief I took on some of the prior training questions.

I run in the rain unless I think it will be too cold (here in the North it can be). Most do not run in the rain.

Hell, I have run in the snow before in Canada so....
teep said:
Well if you don't want to go to where it really is--why should anyone tell you--what good is it going to do you?

is it going to be good because someone is helping me with something i cant do (go to thailand).
and "why should anyone tell you" , well that is because this is a forum , where people ask some thing and another person reply to that question , i wasnt expecting you to answer me , because i know u are a professional , and u are god , but thats not the point. So it would be nice if someone instead of replying post like "why dont u go there?" or "why should anyone tell you?" post something usefull
If you want, I can ask Bunkerd Faphimai about his Thai routine.