Teen boys gang rape 16 year old girl, laugh about it

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I watched this video today. They'll have plenty to laugh about in prison.

I just hope they don't get let out just because they turn 21.
And I thought I was an asshole as a teenager.
i wonder how many people would do something like that if they thought they could get away with it.
that is the type of person you kill if you are not going to get caught.

just saying.
These assholes are terrible. Shit like this gets me depressed, I know a few people who have been raped, its really messed them up emotionally.

What pieces of living shit man..............
They will get theirs in jail. Shit's getting pushed in.
I'm pretty sure Anonymous was targeting these fucks a week or so ago.
I wonder if they'll play football at Penn State.
you for sure..thought didn't cross my mind

absolutely not. it's sickening really.

the first thing i thought of was how deplorable the act itself was. i started thinking about it, then i realized that stuff like this has been going on forever. just look up the history of bukkake. i just wish it would go away, but i doubt it ever will.
These are the guys Anonymous are trying to expose. They are also known as the "Rape Crew". I hate these assholes and people like them. I genuinely hope they get everything that's coming to them.
i think this is the case that Anon was furious about
those boys aren't gonna be laughing when they're getting trained on in the big house.If I had a daughter and that happened,those boys would have a closed casket funeral.

Those phuckers are gonna be crying in court guaranteed.
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