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Jul 27, 2005
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How many grams of sugar per serving is the cutoff point for you to not use the product? I have always been a fan of organic yogurt but the other day I found out it had 23 grams of sugar! That seems like an awful lot for a "health food". So what do you consider to much?
i try to limit my sugar intake as much as possible. yes, 23g is way too much for a little container of yogurt, thats just a disguiesed desert. you can try plain yogurt. but i know i can't stand the tast of it.
There is so much that goes into the consideration of how much sugar you should consume.

Look at the food source. Is it a complex carb? A simple sugar? High glycemic index or low? Good fiber content or nil? Highly processed, or raw/natural?

What kind of diet are you on? Are you looking to bulk, cut, or maintain?

Do you have any medical problems like diabetes or heart disease?

This is a very complicated issue and a lot of your personal research into it is warranted. Generally:
- complex carb > simple sugar
- low glycemic > high glycemic (with the exception of post resistance training)
- high fiber > low fiber
- raw/natural >>>>>> processed
I'm in 100% agreement with Shaolin, but at 23g of sugar per container, that's probably added white sugar. Is there not a lite option available?
It may be difficult to eat the low sugar version of the yogurt, but I've found that after a week of going hardcore and cutting out almost all simple sugar, eating sugary stuff or drinking soda just leaves me with a disgusting sticky feeling in my mouth.
Yoplait makes a "light" yogurt with 14g of sugar. It's pretty tasty.
To me, yogurt tastes lousy without sugar. The "lite" versions taste pretty good though, and they have about 1/2 the sugar that the regular versions do. Thats what I eat if I decide to have some yogurt with lunch.

How about buying natural unsweetened yogurt, and adding splenda or something? I haven't tried this myself, but it might work. (Unless you consider Splenda evil).
I used to like eating yogurt as a kid (because my parents like the stuff) but after moving out and cooking for myself, I transitioned to cottage cheese instead, which has almost no carbs, high protein, and (if you get the non-fat kind) no fat as well.

I usually mix my cottage cheese with some peanut butter and strawberry jam, it tastes almost like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Just an alternative you might want to consider.
Yea I think I will start eating cottage cheese but I love yogurt as a snack before training. I am actually trying to gain weight but I would like to keep it lean mass.