StarsGuards Mouthguard Review (w/Pictures)

Jd Hidlebaugh

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Apr 10, 2007
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So, after fucking around for 6 months or so and getting my teeth and jaw beaten up in sparring, I decided to bite the bullet and order a StarsGuards from Jeff...

It is amazing! I got it in today and the quality is A+! I couldnt be happier. Quick turnaround, awesome customer service, and product is great.

I took pictures of it in my mouth and compared to my cheap .99 mouthpiece and my $25 shockdoctor. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


Look at that mug... Something only a mother could love.

Now in my POS shockdoctor.

Top views..

Front views...

I hope this helps someone realize that Jeff at StarsGuards is one of the best you can go to. Oh, and Hidy is what everyone calls me because my last name is too damn long to pronounce. Plus, it was my dad's nickname so I dont mind.
What color is the main body of the mouthguard. It looks silverish in one photo and sorta pearl in the other.
sweet design man, i take it you're of irish descent?

also, on the bottom of the mouthguard, does it have impressions of your lower teeth so the bite is more natural?

had a bad experience with one company, waiting on jeff to hit me with the molds. cant wait to get started.
It doesnt have the impressions on the bottom of the guard, but Im thinking of contacting Jeff to find out how to do it.

Yes, I am of Irish/English descent.
Awesome guard. I just got a picture of my new guard from Jeff and should have a review here on it next week. :icon_chee
nice mouthguard. Im really considering gettin one from starsguards. thnx for the review.
did you get the
or the "Star" type?
I like my STARS guard, just waiting for adjustments on it as one doesn't fit too well. :-(

I like my STARS guard, just waiting for adjustments on it as one doesn't fit too well. :-(


Mine fits pretty damn well. Like a retainer :icon_lol:

The writing on the front is a little crooked, but I can live with it. Maybe my head is just crooked?
From what I recall, that's the ShockDoctor I purchased from Dicks.

They don't have it on their website so I can't be sure, but I'm almost positive thats a ShockDoctor as I have the ShockDoctor case that came with it.