Spider Guard


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Nov 16, 2005
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Who has the best Spider Guard...What is the best Instruction video out there on the Spider Guard ?
I have the Tinguinha instructional -- I think it is the only instructional to cover spider guard in any meaningful respect. He explains the fundamentals and all the variants. The only other stuff I've seen on spider is like a couple sweeps, without any explanation for how to use the spider guard in a coherent fashion.

It's not the greatest instructional I've ever seen, but it's definitely the greatest spider instructional. The cross-guard one he has is also good, since it explains counters for spider passes -- oh and the cross guard is also sweet in and of itself.
grappling mag is doing a two part article on spider guard, it in this months and next months issues
Yeah, I've seen it -- it's Tinguinha, same guy who did the instructional.

Spider is too tricky to pick up from a mag though. For example, I never knew that you need to keep both legs at opposite extensions at all times -- one extended fully, the other retracted fully, alternating between the two, spinning back and forth. I also never knew how to pull spider properly, or how to launch sub attacks from spider. The instructional dvd is good at explaining that kind of basic stuff.