Sore throat??


Jan 6, 2008
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We were doing gi chokes in class over a week ago...and my throat is still tender from it! I dont remember the exact names of the chokes but they were very very tight gi chokes...the kind that you tap immediately!! Anyway today we were doing chokes again and as SOON as the choke was being put on it hurt like hell. Not the typical pain you get when choked...when you feel constricted and cant breath but an actual pain in, around and behind my adams apple....

Has this ever happened to anyone? Is it normal? Does it go away?

I have a tourney comin up and if someone even puts a weak choke on me Im going to be forced to I need to do something about this ASAP! Any help you can give me appreciated!
Who put the choke on you ?? was it correctly done you gotta watch your adams apple man you can crush that with not knowing and seriously it can be fatal .

you see alot of it at bars when an idiot bouncer trys to put a choke on someone and it crushes the trackia (spelling?) be careful and if it still hurts i would get it checked out cuz from doing chokes like that you might get a little tender ont he sides or your throat but not around your adams apple.
It's happened to me twice in 1.5 years. it stays for like a week then goes away.
It happened to me a couple weeks ago when we were practicing ezekiels. It went away after 3 or 4 days.
Yeah, it will hurt for a few days then go away. The longer you train the more you will somewhat get used to it.

That's only happened to me once when I was rolling with a guest instructor at an Academy and the guy was a black belt and national champ in Brazil. The dude cross collar choked me so hard it felt like he was going to cut my head off.

My throat was sore for about 1-2 days (like it "hurt" a little to swallow food) but otherwise everything was good. You'll be fine though, don't sweat it.
Probably just some bruising. Your throat has nerves, cartilage, and muscle too, you know, and they don't like getting crushed and jerked around any more than the ones in your arms or legs.
I thought this was going to be a dirty thread...a bit dissapointed
I can't believe there were no pics in this thread.

Just should usually heal in a week. Not sure what to tell you beyond that.

Yes...I am utterly useless.
I cant believe nobody said "I have cream for that if you want" Or "dont worry you'll be back sucking dicks in no time" LOL

Thanks for the advice...glad to know this is normal...even though its been longer than you guys said yours hurt for...I will chalk that up to this being the first time and my throat isnt used to it!

Mine just stopped hurting from like a week and a half ago, rolled with some big fell around 260 or so and he was smashing me hard in my guard with his elbow on my windpipe.
while training guillotines this weekend with Aesopian, he got one in that was super deep.

It was on so fast that when he let it go i couldnt instantly feel my throat swelling up. Today its hard to swallow.. Its just a price you pay to get better at jiujitsu.

Im just tying to avoid guillotines for the next couple of days.. Its happened before with other chokes.. just take a bit of time to heal up.
I've had the two week sore throat before, and I've heard of it lasting longer. Throat lozenges seem to help
Happens a lot to me too. You should be fine in a few days.

If it's still sore and you are drilling more chokes, and it really bothers you, just ask them not to do it too tight.

I had a purple belt showing me some finer techniques of chokes the other day, and my throat hurt for a while after that.
Just got rear-naked-throatowned, does icing help at all? Has anyone tried?

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