So is Bisping officially a big fight choker now?

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Dec 23, 2008
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I mean he's had multiple opportunities to break into the top of the heap and has failed every time. The biggest fights of his career Rashad, Hendo, Wanderlei, Sonnen and now Vitor are all losses. A lot of people thought he won against Rashad and Sonnen but the fact remains he didn't get it done.

Not saying I believe this but it's something to think about.

Side note: I'd be floored if Franklin vs. Bisping doesn't happen next
No Vitor was just the better fighter.

Its that simple. Why does everyone have to be a choker, overrated or some bs after a loss?
He's a really good gatekeeper. I was hoping he'd get his chance but knew vitor would win.
He is def a choker when the important fights are happening. But was pretty respectful in defeat
If Marquardt didn't get destroyed by Saffeidine, I'd say Bisping would be #1 in this category.
No he is just not at the top level.
He's a great fighter no shame in losing to the best guys in the world. Especially when they have a little help *cough*
Vitor's striking speed did him in. That's what happens when you're a jack of all trades and an ace of none. I'm not a fan but he's a quality fighter and didn't cry about losing this time.
Don't know if I'd call it choking... he beats who he's supposed to beat and loses to who he's suppose to lose to.
What did Bisping say at the end of his interview they cut it out.

He said I got no excuses I had a great training camp Vitor landed a great high kick but trust me ill be fucking back....I laughed when he said it sportsnet was probs pissed for him cursing haha....
I would say he is right on the cusp of being an A level fighter but not quite. And it shows whenever he gets in there with an A level fighter. He proves he can hang but isn't able to pick up the W.
Marquardt of middleweight.

Honestly, he tends to lose to the same kinds of people. Big hands, careful punchers. Chael, I think, was an unordinary fight for him to lose.
No, he's not a choker. Vitor was just the better fighter tonight.

Why do people feel the need to have to put down the loser of a fight?
He didn't choke, he was doing his best and was doing fairly well. Vitor was just better.