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Feb 7, 2002
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I finally shaved my balls.

I don't like the itching. Other than that, I feel like a new man. Hopefully the ladies step in line to suck on these mofos.

I trimmed the rest of my hair, and I'm contemplating shaving that as well. Any percs to that?
my recommendation for like the rest of your crotch hair, other than your boys, would be just keep it trimmed. The itching there is almost unbearable, and believe me that is the last place you want an ingrown hair :eek:

Just use like yer clippers with no guard and cut the rest if you want, don't go baby skin bald on that shit tho, sitting/walking/ doing anything you feel every single stubble of hair coming back thru.
The balls are fine but if you shave the rest it just looks really odd. It's like being a 10 year old again. There's just something awful looking about it.
Thanks for the info. That thought of an ingrown hair is quite scary. How often am I going to have to shave my nuts now? I don't want that shit growing back thicker than a jungle so I guess I'm gonna be shaving them often right?
I tried the whole deep trim down in that region and I did get an ingrown hair. It was normal looking but just because it was in that area it looked fucking disgusting. I didn't even let any bitches hob the knob in fear that they think I was diseased. When the gal has that look of disgust on her face you can't really just stop and yell 'IT'S AN INGROWN HAIR NOT THE HERP YOU WHORE' and then plow her face into your crotch. It's just not sexy at that point...
Hahahah in that case... I'll keep the trimming to a minimum.
Yeah see my problem was. I was just going to graze the field with an electric model but I got a little overzealous and things just got out of control. Trim with the good ol' scissors and rational thought method. I'm sure it'll do you much better...
Never use a razor it just is not worth it. I find the best thing for balls is the sideburn trimmer on the back of an electric razor. You can get a close shave with no ingrown hairs. I always used to get my girlfriend to do it, it's alot easier and sort of kinky.
Don't worry LB. She's just sayin' that. She knows she loves the bald bastards...

I'll trim but I'm not becoming a 'shave slave'. I can barely find the time to shave my face.
Well, if you're going to drive to NJ, might as well take the extra few miles to NYC so you have something to compare the shaved ones with ;)
Originally posted by lil'surfer girl

LMAO....don't know if I have ever had the pleasure.....I might have to travel up to NJ and see for myself :D ;) :D

:eek: :eek: :eek:
You better close that mouth. The guy isn't supposed to be the one with the gaping oral orifice.
It's not really his fault. He just has to whack off whenever he reads your posts. He'll respond soon enough.
LSG never responds to my posts. I don't think she's a fan of the VOD wisdom ;)
:eek: ...damn I'm glad I checked this thread out.:D
Looks like a pretty relaxing weekend.

Do you do any fishing cause that looks like pretty deep water and I would bet you could do ok with the right line and bait there....
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ahhhh, but do the other guys get this??

This is how I spent my weekend :D

You need to come out to Hawaii and lounge on our beautiful beaches. If you asked real nice I might be willing to show you;)