Self assesment


Feb 18, 2005
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This is a self-evaluation of where you are at as a striker, be honest with yourself and see what you get from it.

Strengths:(name at least three)

Weaknesses:(name them all)

Short term goal:

Long term goal:

Action Plan:(take one example from your weaknesses and describe an action plan to deal with this issue.)

Remember, you can lie to everyone here and get away with it, but you are only cheating yourself. Please, if you're here just to flame others, don't bother, that is not the point of this mental exercise.
here, I'll go first.

- Boxing; I am really comfortable using my hands to deliver blows.
- Left Hook; I can hurt people with this and snap it back fast to protect myself.
- Muscular endurance; I can throw a lot of punches in a round, and I can keep it up for the whole fight.
- Cardio; I can go 5 rounds comfortably.

- Kicking; I am not comfortable using my legs as a lead weapon.
- Leg Check; My defense here is spotty.
- Aggressiveness; I don't finish people off, I can't corner them either, I'm too nice.
- Combinations; my combos are too short.
- Closing the distance; tall guys and fast guys give me trouble here.
- Strngth; I get outmuscled often.
- Weak abs; getting nailed in the plexus really hurts.

Short term goal: Get sparring again soon.

Long term goal: Fight in the B.C. Bronze gloves this year at 155 lbs.

Action plan: Kicking, work the bag combos that I have just learnt for the next 5 weeks to improve my confidence with my legs.
Kicks- high and powerful, my leg is 3/4 size of cropcops. I always use the high kick. Though people tell me it never works.

"Lollipop"-keeping the left, stiff, and way out, to control the opponent's direction, load up with the right. I am tall and have good reach so it works well for me. Making sure to protect my chin when the opponent comes in, which they usaully try to lunge and have less power.

"Relaxing"-I try to go into each fight with the "Saku" look. Not afraid, or anxious, or any nervous energy. I try to engage the opponent into making a mistake in stead of rushing in like a bull.

"Leg check" I spar with no shit pads! You can hear the cracks during practice. Helps you to make sure to check any kicks, and makes your shins like wood.

Cardio- I always/usually feel I am more gassed than the opponent. I sweat like a stuck pig.

Boxing- I need to do much more stand up. I have taken some decent shots, and have been a bit rocked. I find it hard to recover right away after being dazed. If an opponent could throw 6 or 7 shots in a row while I was dazed. I would probably be a "crying in a fetal position' a la Sapp.

Tension- Still nervous before a fight.

Short term goal- move to advanced class in Judo. 1.5 hours of straigh rondori. For ridiculous cardio, and muscle memory, this is the only way to go.

Ask the gym owner to dstart a boxing class. It would bring more revenue, and a new clientele to the gym. All he needs to buy is really a heavy bag and spped bag. They alrady have a sperate yoga room which would be perfect.

Long term goals- More Judo competitions, a few grappling competitions too. Jsut to get the edge off of "fight day" Lose another 10 pounds. I am 5'11" and weight 194. I would like to be 180, but it is getting harder and harder to lose.

Action plan- More competition, they only way to get comfortable in the ring. Boxing class more often. Boxers bring a much diffrent light than an MMA instructor. Boxer are all about feet, and stance, which may have to be adjusted for MMA. However, it is like high school wrestling, the drills, and techniques will stay with you forever.
- Stiff jab
- Straight right
- Overhand right
- Head movement
- Closing the distance, although this is only against people similar size to me

- Footwork, I tend to stand in front for too long
- Power, I can't set my weight into my punches correctly
- Posture, I get pushed around the room too much
- Working against a distinct reach disadvantage
- Accuracy
- Kicks, everything about them throwing and taking them
- Weak abs

Short term goal: To improve my boxing game

Long term goal: To develop a kicking game and become a well rounded striker

Action plan: Improve posture and movement by sparring without throwing hits for a few rounds, improve power and accuracy by thrwoing less punches but concentrating harder on thrwoing them right in other rounds.

finding openings
throwing combinations which connect
kick defense

boxing defence
lack of aggresivness
height/weight (5"8, 130lbs)

Short term goal:
increase aggressiveness through havy sparring
improve cardio

Long term goal:
put on weight
go to K-1

Action Plan
spar every session
sort out my diet
improve cardio through running
low kick
punch combinations
spinning kicks and backfist

boxing defense
don't utilize the push kick enough
too impatient, I do awesome when I fight with patience, but when I become the aggressor, I have trouble
weak abs, took a full power spinning back kick to the solar plexus that knocked my wind out
lack of killer instinct, I had the oppurtunity to hit my opponent's face during sparring and I hesitate to take it
don't work the jab enough

Short term goal: fix all of my weaknesses and become a better striker
Long term goal: compete in muay thai or K-1 MAX
Action plan: Condition my abs to taking punishment, work the jab and push kick when sparring, clinch when getting out-boxed, do some more sparring to help my boxing defense, be more patient during sparring and only attack if I'm sure its going to connect instead of being aggressive.
Jab- My most effective punch
Straight Right- Strongest punch
Cardio- Can easily go 5-6 rounds

Closing the distance- Not so good in close range
Strength- Weak hooks
Combos- Most of mine dont land
I get punch drunk- After I throw a good shot that lands, I tend to become over confident
Weak Abs

Short Term Goal- Fix my weaknesses
Long Term Goal- Start Muay Thai to become better overall striker & to have some local fights (MMA)

Action Plan- Spar has much as I can to improve my hooks, condtion abs
Im a boxer so i dont kick

Strengths: accurate left hook

Good upper cut

powerful right Cross

good head movement,counter punching, and fainting

Weakness: i'm 6'1 and fight at 165 but my jab isnt as stiff as it could be, i use to much for a range finder

I dont get hit often in fights but i use my legs and counter punching too much i need to keep hands in proper postion when fighter get inside.

Short term goal: get my ankle surgery this thursday and rehab my ankle

Long term goal: Become a step up my compititon beyond ohio college boxing and fight in glolden gloves boxing tournaments

Action plan: Rehab ankle, lift weights and get stronger, start sparring with the local pro's, and fight more often. Im 4-0 over a 3 year period due to my damn ankle that im finally getting fixed

- Work off the jab and the double-jab, stiff and quick.
- Understand principles of hitting at angles without compromising balance.
- Go to the body like no one's business.
- Use a lot of footwork.
- Psychological fighter. I think on my feet and get into my opponent's heads.
- Strong will and resolve. You have to practically kill me to stop me.


- Can be overly thoughtful at times.
- Still have basic bad habits that I need to get rid of, even after extensive years of training.
- Most of my actual fighting experience has been outside the scope of regulation, fighting with rules is tough when you've done this for a long time.
- Sometimes tend to attempt things I'm not able to pull off in fights. Been hit hard because of it despite it being fun.

Short term goal - Finish acquiring the Boxer's look. Slick, lean, cut body, able to fight 10 rounds if necessary. I'm getting there at a decent pace, but January is the deadline.

Long term goal - Get in with a Professional trainer and establish myself as a viable Pro. I have to be careful with my career because I'm starting late, but I hope to be a legitimate contender for a viable minor title inside of 1 or 2 years.

Action plan: Keep increasing my training regime exponentially until January, then get into the Camp I wish to join and be told essentially to forget everything I know to be able to absorb the teachings of my trainer. Go Pro with his guidance, and see just what I'm made of. I don't think by the time I get there I'll have much technically to work against me aside from getting the nervousness associated with being on that kind of stage for the first time out of the way. I just need to get out there and do the do.
My strengths are my size 6 foot 6 245 pounds and reach, I have big time power in both legs and throw a variety of kicks. I have reach and fast hands and move well for a guy of my size with my footwork, I fight very technical and don't go balls out, which has hurt me. My main weakness is that I wait for the fight to come to me and don't get in the guys face, lack of aggression has cost me a few fights. And I never use my hands, I was always a good kicker when I started in martial arts, and trained dilligently on my hands but I am afraid to get hit in my face so I tend to keep them up and not use them and just throw kicks. My short term goal is to do more fights and win them and be more aggressive, long term goals are to compete in martial arts as often as I can and transition to MMA within 2 years.
Size and Power: can bench about 405 raw, so can easily KO opponents if I get a clean shot
Chin: I can take a few hits
Speed: Super fast
Decent kicks

Afraid to get hit (despite being able to take a hit, can't shake feeling that it's gonnna hurt super bad)
I'm a short little bastard 5'10" (not that short, but I'm about 240, so for weight classes...)
I gas easily
my hands suck, I hit hard but bad technique with them

No defined goals for now