Sand bag weight


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Aug 12, 2005
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I'm going to get the supplies to make my sandbag duffelbag tomorrow.

How much weight are you guys using in your sandbag duffel?
135 lbs right now. I just use mine for sandbag shouldering drills (50 reps in 20 minutes). Basically what I think you should do is pick a sandbag exercise and shoot for a number of reps in 20 minutes (like I do). When you hit that mark, add more weight next time. Sandbags are great for conditioning, and they're loads of fun, but if you're trying to replace regular strength training with them, you're in for a suprise. Buy enough to make an adjustable 150 lb bag and start from there.
great stuff urban. I know many people who use 25-50% of bodyweight for conditioning and 50-100% for strength training. but like urban said you need to play with it...