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Saint Wilhelm's Member No. 192


Something clever
May 6, 2008
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Saint Wilhelm's isn't very active around these parts anymore but when I first started posting here it was. Regardless, I bought a couple Saint Wilhelm's shirts and with that promised to post a video once I do something I consider worthy.

All my life I've never been considered strong and I still don't consider myself to be that strong. However a 1000 lb big 3 total has been a goal of mine since 2009 so here it is, finally!

Congrats. Grizzly looking beard you got there. Adds about an extra 200lb to your total I hear.
Nice work, bench and DL looked pretty easy
Awesome job man!

going to have a hell of a time coming up with a new log name
Nice one (three)!

Bench technique looks like it could use some optimization.
Congrats! I'm also a St Wilhelm's member and never uploaded a video lol. I also recently reached 1000 lbs total @ 165 lbs. Since then I've been lazy as hell though. Don't be like me!
Thanks everyone!

My bench definitely needs some work which will be my focus for at least the first half of next year. I always figured when I hit 1000 I'd have a 2 plate bench to go along with a 3+ plate squat and a 4+ plate deadlift but my bench has always lagged behind.

I have no idea what my next log will be called. I'll probably give it some thought over the holidays, it's a pretty big decision :)
Nice job man! Your squat has come a long way. And that DL looked super easy for you. Keep it up sir.