SAAMI - Sporting Ammunition and the Fire Fighter


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Jun 2, 2007
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Some interesting experiments testing the reaction of ammunition to fire, impact, explosion, crushing, and even being shot with another bullet. In the end we see that ammo is all relatively safe. Even when rounds are ignited there is little force behind the projectile. Except for chambered rounds. They mention that it's the same as pulling the trigger in that case.

For some reason grinding it into pavement with a bulldozer was my favorite.

I found the whole video fascinating. I've been told by firefighters that ammo wasn't a concern. Nice to see all this stuff in action. Not sure how much more they could torture ammo, but FPS Russia could probably come up with something. :)
I've always wondered what would happen if you shoot a bullet with another bullet..
Reminds me of a tv show where they got these old muskets and fired them so the bullets hit in mid air. Took them some time and effort but as I recall they got them to collide and they fused together.