Ruck Me and Make Me Scrum. (Rugby/Boxing)


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Apr 10, 2008
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Hey, I'm 19 and my main goal is to start at inside center on the University of Wisconsin rugby team next year. (inside center is like a mix of running back & linebacker).

I'm 6 ft, 195 pounds and basically trying to vastly improve my explosiveness/endurance. I work at a moving company for the summer which serves as a workout in itself, especially considering the 8 mile bike ride each way to get there.

I'm going to my first boxing class tonight which I'm pretty pumped for especially since I've never done any martial art or any sport that wasn't a team sport (even though I went to the high school with the most wrestling success in Iowa history)

I plan on doing some sort of bodyweight GPP most mornings, following berardi's T-man lifting routine, and going to rugby practices twice a week along with boxing once a week. (Plus my job of moving people's stuff for about 7 hours a day)

My diet is pretty solid (I think), consisting of multiple meals of mainly unprocessed foods. I take a couple swigs of fish oil a day, and drink a shake after morning GPP which consists of whey protein and Nature's Plus source of life liquid wholefood multivitamin.

I'm mainly looking for constructive criticism along with calling me out when I try to count a beer pong tournament or screwing a fat chick as a sufficient workout for the day. I'll post today's activities once i get back from boxing tonight.
Depending on her level of willingness, screwing a fat chick certainly will count as a workout.
Depending on her level of willingness, screwing a fat chick certainly will count as a workout.

Haha yeah, especially considering I'm doing all the pushing cuz there's no way I'm letting a slobber knocker hop on top. (heard too many broken beef missile horror stories)
Warmed up with the dot drill
10 rep pyramid of jump squats, push up variations, and 2x sit ups
50 burpees

ate some yogurt, trail mix, and my vitamin/protein shake
drank a pot of coffee

Afternoon lifting-
Bent Row
155x12, 155x12, 155x10, 135x9

Pec Deck
180x10, 180x10, 180x10, 170x10

Pulldowns (supposed to be chins)
96x12, 96x12, 96x10, 96x8

185x10, 185x10, 145x9, 135x7

Seated Cable Rows
84x12, 96x12, 108x10, 108x9

Incline Flyes
10, 10, 9, 9 reps with 20 pounds in each hand the whole time

4 Sets calf raises
Didn't record the weight

Notes- Felt extremely tired starting with bench, even had to have a spot on the last set of 135 which was incredibly embarrassing. I think I was so tired because I've been doing a low rep olympic routine the last couple months and this is obviously more of a high rep bodybuilding routine to start with. It also could have something to do with eating so little before lifting

After lifting ate a roast beef sandwich and a cup of chili

7-830 boxing
I'm mainly looking for constructive criticism along with calling me out when I try to count a beer pong tournament or screwing a fat chick as a sufficient workout for the day. I'll post today's activities once i get back from boxing tonight.

Sometimes I miss rugby.
Pec dec, pull downs and incline flyes along with calf raises?? Are you serious?

Have you considered any of the routines in the faq. Even though your boxing I think they'll still help you especially for rugby.

You said explosiveness was your goal. I really do hope you've got some cleans or snatches in here.
Like I said I've been doing Olympic lifts previous to this new routine, but this "t-man" routine from berardi consists of starting out with bodybuilding type lifts and eventually transitioning to a power routine.

Google it to see the whole routine. I had similar questions about it as you but it's hard to question his results so I'm giving it a shot
Woke up sore as hell today, didn't have to work so I did a lot of stretching and the dot drill to warm up then headed to the gym

ATG Squats- 200x10, 235x10, 235x9, 235x7

Leg Extensions 170x10, 170x10, 170x10, 170x10

Iron Cross 12x 15 pounds in each hand, 12x15, 10x10, 10x9

Barbell Lunge 95x12, 105x12, 105x10, 115x8

Leg Curls 150x10, 170x10, 170x9 170x9

Front Squat 135x12, 135x12, 115x10, 115x9

Then did some full court basketball drills for 20 minutes of cardio (made 3 half court shots during this, pretty proud of that....)

That's probably it for today. Might smoke a J a little later and go for a run with Magical Mystery Tour on the ipod. If you've never tried that before it's probably the most enjoyable form of cardio I've done
Woke up today and my legs were as sore as they've been in a while. This sucks especially because I have to ride my bike 8 miles to work tomorrow morning and my legs are always most sore 2 days after squats.

Today is supposed to be biceps/triceps/abs according to the berardi plan. I have no interest in joining the ranks of the curl monkeys so my lifting was pretty limited today.

Pull ups 10, 10, 9, 7

Dips 12, 12, 10, 9

Close grip bench 115x10, 115x10, 115x9, 115x7

Standing dumbell pull overs 10, 10, 10, 10 with 80 pound dumbell

lots of weighted incline sit ups

After lifting I was planning on attempting The Ultimate Fighter treadmill workout but my legs were way too sore, so I just ended up riding one of the stationary bikes for 20 minutes.

Will jog later if weather permits
Yesterday my training consisted of working 11 hours and then riding 8 miles home, all the while being crazy sore from squat day.

Today I stayed off the weights again to let my legs recuperate before deads tomorrow. I ran 6 miles and was watching top mma fights of the year on versus. I planned on doing burpees between rounds for cro cop - gonzaga but didn't know it ended in one round.... then came Liddel-jackson which also ended in the first round.

Somehow I'll get atleast 100 burpees in tonight in some sort of intervals
7-8-2008 Shoulders/****bolic Day

Snatch Grip Dead lift on 4in platform (Cherry Popped)
185x10, 205x10, 225x8, 225x8

Seated Cable Rows
120x12 120x12

BB Hack Squat (Cherry Popped)
135x12 135x12

BB Military Press (is this the same as SOHP?)
135x10, 135x18, 115x8, 115x8

Side Laterals
20lb dumbellsx12, 20lbsx12

Reverse Curls
95x12 95x12

Push Press
115x10, 115x8, 95x6

Front Laterals
20lb dumbellsx10 20lbsx10

4 set incline weighted sit ups

Notes- The snatch grip & platform definitely added even more to a challenge to the deads. The hack squat felt incredibly awkward, anyone have any tips on these? I'll have to watch some clips of other people doing these to make sure I'm doing them right.
Snatch grip deads are a humbling experiance, almost as bad as zercher deads. A Military press is very similar to a sohp, only real difference is the foot placement, SOHP is basically whatever you like, staggered, wide etc. military press has a close stance, think standing at attention

BB hack squats will always be awkward, you'll hit your calves and upper hams/ass. To make it as smooth as possible sit back into it like a squat, keep your chest out and your head up. Make you don't let your hips rise too quickly as well, that'll shift your torso a bit forward and you'll slide the weight up your legs.
7-9-2008 Chest/Back

-Flat Bench 200x10, 200x10(fail, got 8 reps), 185x9, 185x7
-One Arm DB row 60lbx10 each arm, 65x10, 65x10, 65x10
-Bent arm laying DB Pullover 45x12, 45x12, 50x10, 50x8
-BB Row 135x12, 135x12, 135x10, 135x9
-Decline Bench 185x10, 165x10, 165x9, 155x9
-Cable Pull Downs 95x12, 101x12, 113x10, 125x8
-Bunch of Calf Raises on sled

Got through 20 minutes of the ultimate fighter treadmill workout, but had to cut it short because I noticed I was going to be late to boxing, which I was

Boxing 7:07-8:30
*sits down and waits for promised boxing training to begin*
*sits down and waits for promised boxing training to begin*

You could be squating

*sits down and waits for promised squat training to begin*
*sits down and waits for promised boxing training to begin*

I have no idea what you're talking about

Today was supposed to be squat day, but it is also the first rugby practice of the summer and I didn't want my first impression to be making excuses about how sore I am from raging in the power rack. Because of this I took the lifting light today and made it my bicep/tricep day so as to be better prepared to murk goats tonight at practice.

-Pull-ups I was aiming for 10,10,9,7 but ended up with 7,5,5,5 because I currently suck at pull/chin-ups
-Dips. I was mad that I suck so bad at pull-ups so I decided to do these while holding a 25 lb dumbbell with my feet. I've never done weighted dips before,but that makes no difference when the beast is unleashed... 12,12,10,9
-Alternating Hammer Curls 12,12,10,8 each arm with 30lb dumbbells
-Close Grip Bench 135x10,135x10, 125x9 125x7
-Shrugs 10,10,10,10 with 75lb dumbbells
-Supersetted some French Press and 21s with 25lbs on each side of the EZ bar
-3 sets of 15 incline sit ups

-Rowed 2000 meters to cool down. The row machines are right behind the stair steppers in the university cardio room so you can imagine the view.... I could row there all day.

Rugby at 5:30 tonight
Your log title says boxing. Now where the hell is it?

Oh. Its been in here the last 2 mondays, 7-8:30. I'm just getting beginners lessons once a week for now because I've never boxed before. I'm just trying to get solid on the basic punches/combos and defenses by the end of the summer
Felt terrible going into the gym today, probably shouldn't have thrown in that dip after morning oatmeal...

ATG Squats 205x10, 225x10, 235x9, 235x7
Leg Curlz 160x10, 160x10, 160x9, 160x9
Leg Extension 175x10, 175x10, 185x9, 185x9
BB Lunge 105x12, 115x12, 125x10, 135x8
Iron Cross 12,12,10,9 w/15lb DBs

Decided to save the Front Squat for Friday, probably will replace the Hack Squat

Rowed 2000 M

Jogged for 20 minutes

P.S. Saw a guy super-setting squats and curls today.... with the same bar
P.P.S. Scored 4 Tries in 7s last night, definitely improving in terms of rugby knowledge/execution