Rope training help


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May 7, 2005
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i just moved into a new place and have a a perfect set of rafters for rope training however i cannot find a rope that is 2 inches in diameter for less than 4.5 bucks a foot and since i need about 15 feet worth that is pretty pricy i was wondering if anyone knew of a place online that has affordable 2 inch rope or if not could I braid a smaller 1 inch rope since they are much cheaper? thanks
yes you can braid the ropes to make a thicke r rope. It should suffiece. Good luck!!
just buy the 2 inch. Maybe they'll cut you a deal on it if you talk real purty to them. where are you getting it? Osh had a pretty good price on 1.5", though I forget how much it cost.
there is a marine store nearby that sells nylon boat rope would that be best or should i go for a manila rope i would assume it would be easier to grip the manila and not have the same likly hood of rope burns correct?