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Jan 1, 2004
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Hey, I have finally found some time between my classes and BA thesis, so I decided to type this review up.

Well, I ordered some stuff from Ron over at SSF a couple of weeks back, and he hooked me up with one of his tight fit rashguards to try out and review. First off, let me say that the service Ron gave me was incredible. Not only did he send me this rashie free, he also confirmed my order by email at 9 pm so that I would be sure everything had gotten through alright. Everything came well packaged 3 days later by USPS.

Anyway, to the rashguard itself, it is white, with black shoulders and sleaves. For pics, click on this link:

The first thing that struck me about the rashguard when I put it on was the inch high collar around the neck, which looks and feels almost like the collar on a low turtle neck. I had never seen this feature on a rashguard and it struck me as a little wierd at first...until I put on my gi and rolled with the rashguard under my gi jacket. The collar is excellent at preventing the gi burn from gi chokes, as the gi lapel just rotates along the collar of the rashguard instead of rubbing your skin. Needless to say, I am a big fan of this feature, and will not be wearing any other rashguard under my gi because of it.

This rashguard also preforms very well in nogi. The sleaves, which extend down all the way to the elbow, are a little longer than most short sleave rashguards, which is nice. I am tall and lanky, and I was afraid that it would not be long enough to cover my lower back while rolling, but that has not been a problem. Additionally, the logos on the front and back seem to be dyed into the material and will not come off from rubbing on the mat, which is also good.

As far as washing goes, this rashguard is pretty easy to take care of. I usually just machine was it with my gi and have had no problems with it. I have also used Vanish on it to take out some blood stains (we roll hard at my school, LoL), which also did not pose any problems. I usually just dry it out on a hanger, though Ron told me I could dry it in a drier on air/fluff with no heat by throwing it in a pillow case, which I have not tried.

Overall, this is a great rashguard, especially for under your gi. At $28.50 it is also a great value. If you want to get a good, reasonably priced rashguard while supporting a great MMA company, this would be an excellent choice.
Good review. My HCK tears my neck up, I may have to get one of those.
scorcho-thanks for the review, I'm glad you like it. We put a lot of time into the design (7 panel).
No prob Ron. It is a great rashguard and people should know about it.

Thank you for providing the MMA community with good gear.
Not at all Ron. In fact, I would be honored. You can put my real name on it too if you like.
Good to see SSF using real reviews instead of making shit up.
Okay, I do not know what to make of this. Ron is one of the most honest and stand-up guys I have done business with. I am sure all the testimonials on his website are real. Besides, he even has a link to a Sherdog thread on there!
A_bomb47 said:
Good to see SSF using real reviews instead of making shit up.

WTF is this about? I only have a couple of testimonials on my site and they are all 100% legit. I use this site for most of them. Who the hell are you? Have you ever order or delt with us? I see that you are from over seas and I'm hoping your comment is just worded a little funny.
Sorry I didnt mean to say that you used fake reviews.

It was really a compliment.

EDIT: Sorry for the misunderstanding.
I recently purchased a rashguard from Ron. I wasn't paying attention and I bought the loose fit rashguard instead of the tight fit. When Ron e-mailed that he was processing my order I asked if there was anyway that I could change it. He had no problem changing my order to a tight fit. I haven't had great service like this in a long time. I don't know how long it took to get my rashguard as one of my roommates got the mail and put the package off to the side and I didn't see it til a few days later.

I don't think A_bomb was trying to be a jerk, I think he was actually saying that He is glad that people actually post their experiences and people can see that they actually got great service instead of other sites where people just make things up ( least that's what I think he is trying to say - giving him the benefit of the doubt).

*edit* bah took me too long to type that out, he already cleared it up
A_Bomb pm me your shipping address and I'll send you some junk. Sorry I got so defensive towards you.
Ron is great, i recently ordered some grappling gloves and recieved them in no time. I really like that ron combines the ease of ordering online with personalized service via emails. and thanks for the cryogel samples!
Well it looks like I know where my rashgaurd order it going. :thumbsup: to Ron for all the excellent customer service
I was one of the lucky ones that Ron asked to help test his rashguards in the design process and I know that he put extra time and money into the design so that there isn't a seam at the arm pits. The rashguards also use a lite material on the sides to help cool you off. He won't say it but I will, the SSF rashguards cost more to make then others because they have a more detailed design to them and are better made but Ron sells them for a cheap as he can. I also got to try his own SSF gi out yesterday when he came to visit me in KY and I have to tell you that it's going to be one awesome gi. The graphics on the sleeve are sick.
WTF is up with sending tests to these measly whitebelts!?!?! JK, thanks for the info. Ron always hooks us up.