Resisted Sprinting

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Jul 2, 2007
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I want to add resisted sprinting to my routine but I am not very familiar with it. I got rope and some old tires in the yard. How long should I be sprinting? Also, how much weight should I be dragging relative to my bodyweight? and how long should the rope be? Just long enough so I dont trip? or is there a specific length that is optimal?

Did a search but didnt find much. Thanks in advance
I think your reading a little too deep into things.

1) usually with weighted sprints reduce the distance, say 25 - 50m's. You could also do set times although usually i find it's best just to measure the downtime as your sprints should be your fastest possible and distance works better. You could do anywhere from 10 seconds to a min downtime depending on distance.

2) Weight depends on surface, anything from 25 - 100lbs would be a good sprinting weight. Just remember it's sprints and not drags.

3) Length whatever works for you and your setup, i think the sled brandon and i built has 20 feet looped so we are 10 feet from the sled. If you search for conditioning in S&P you can find a vid with it... actually i should put a thread here too.