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Rep question Urban...


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Mar 26, 2005
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I've been doing alot of 10x3 sets and 10,8,6 on various exercises...I have the tone i want now i want to thicken up a little. If i took my sets and made them 4x3 and 6,4,2 that would help correct? Thanks.
It's not so much a matter of reps but of weight and load. Most of the time prilepin's chart is a good guide:

Though you will find things it lacking in things like strength endurance where I feel, tabata's, "50 reps in 20 minutes", and high set low rep rep schemes are a better way to go. However for heavy training (80% and above) it's spot on. For power training (less than 70%) I might reccomend less reps than they have down (which borders on power endurance, an entirely different goal. Though there are a 10x3 dynamic day rep scheme seems to be becoming more common). safe to say, most people reading this shouldn't even concern themselves with dynamic effor or power training.

So like I said, certain rep schemes will not, on their own, solicit different types of strength, there's load and intensity that must be considered. On all worksets I push as hard as can for each rep, so if it's light weight, the intensity is still there and the bar flies up.
prilepines chart is recommended by many good trainers. i find that very interesting because this chart is from the 70s i think. and it still seems to be right. good guy, monsieur prilepine!
Freestyler said:
Yea every rep i do is 100% intensity. Thanks urban.

intensity in strength training is defined as a percentage of your 1 RM.
Aerts/Mir33 said:
thats obviously not how they're using it


the percentages listed on prilepin's chart are based off of your 1 rm.
Exactly, you can't really gauge how much effort your putting in.

'Ooh, I worked hard, but I could increase my determination by 10% or so'
rEmY said:

the percentages listed on prilepin's chart are based off of your 1 rm.

but by the context of how the fellow used it, that is not what he was referring to.