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    Because there is less money in KB there is also less elite competitors in each division so it's easier to get to the top in KB than in Boxing. So if you're a talented kickboxer you might want to stick to it and get to the top, as opposed to going to Boxing and not going anywhere there.

    You also have to keep in mind that not every kickboxer would do well in Boxing, and usually it's the ones who already have good hands in KB who make the transition.
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    -Kongolo fought twice last december against Milosav Savic and Geard Ajetovic, both journeymans, Defeated both and climbed to 13-1

    - Gogokhia haves a scheduled fight in Feb 2 on the Kovalev vs Eleider Alvarez 2 undercard, the opponent is Victor Jones Freitas 15-3 9KO-TKO (Nephew of one of the best Brazillian boxers Acelino "Popó" Freitas")

    - Spong fought last month against tough prospect Ytalo Perea

    - Jarrel miller challenged Joshua since Wilder and Fury are not going anywhere before their rematch, he haves a fight scheduled to next week on MSG, he is starting to gain good popularity due the trashtalk he is inflicting on Joshua.

    - Lipinets is scheduled to fight the tough Lamont Peterson on March 23
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