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I've been working my chest and arms 3 times a week, but I seem to have hit a plateau. I REALLY want to get my upper body a lot bigger. Do any of you guys have any ideas? Should I work with DB's for a while? I've been thinking about going to the gym one more time per week.

Whoever of the S&P Guys made this. For some reason i had to laugh about the name.
graedy said:

Whoever of the S&P Guys made this. For some reason i had to laugh about the name.

So...do I add the 4th day or what?
Just do a lot of isolation exercises, using cables preferably. Make sure you focus mentally on every single rep, going for that ultra"pump." Delight in that pump, it's orgasmic. That is the true path to hypertrophy, my son.

Get big, YEAH! Bodybuilding 4 life!
do some calf raises, they'll make your arms huge.

max the pump. pump the burn. burn the max. pump the pump. max the burn. etc.
1) cease all lower body exercises. The smaller your legs get, the bigger your upper body will look.
2) Lots and LOTS of iso work if you want to break that plateau.
3) remove all body hair
4) get your hairless ass to a tanning salon.
5) buy lots of mirros so you can properly monitor your progress
6) Spend no less than 50% of your monthly income on the latest and greatest supplements

*Consult M. Furey if you have any further questions*

Go get em Tiger...
Ha -- this poor guy. I knew it wouldn't be long 'til the bloodbath began.
Listen, I guess all you guys care about is being big, fat powerlifters. I actually care about how I look though. I started a thread asking for help to overcome a plateau and you assholes couldn't even help me. Thanks for nothing.
Chest and arms three times a week seems a little to much no? How do you have time for anything else, what about you shoulders and back? Back is what makes the upper body. This isnt a body building site but il tell you what everybody tell everyone else, if you wanna get heavier and stronger do the following, Deadlifts, squats and benchpress, oh and take some juice since size is whats important.
Monkey -

A lot of people here care about how they look, but that's not what the board is for. If it didn't state in the forum rules that there will be no topics related to "how do I get this body part bigger", then you probably would have gotten some serious responses. Likewise, if it were a strength plateau you were looking to conquer, you would have gotten some serious responses.

Since I feel a bit bad, I'll tell you one thing. NO... you should not add another day the way you are currently doing things. You are training the same body parts WAY too often already. 3 times a week, in my opinion is ridiculous. Train each b.p. once a week, heavy and hard w/ low reps and see what happens. You will build strength and probably the size you are after.

For a more in-depth discussion, log onto the forums at www.bodybuilding.com and ask your question.
/\/\/\/\ good call, i laughed when he said 3 times a week. Monkey maybe you hit your platue casue your working to hard, give you body some time to recover, you muscle doesnt get bigger when you work out, its only after, and get some sleep, muscle grows most when you sleep, dont forget the juice.
Forbidden topic. Consider this your first warning sperm.
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