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Jul 19, 2005
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could push ups help me with pull ups if not could you guys recommend an exercise to get more upper body strength :redface:
Welcome to S&P. Please read the stickies, and let us know what you have as far as equipment, your age, height, weight, goals, etc. and we'll be able to help you...
How old are you? What do you have at your disposal? A bench, pull up bar. track close by?
im 15 i do have a pull up rack and insted of running a track i run on side walks and what not
bruceleevegas said:
im 15 i do have a pull up rack and insted of running a track i run on side walks and what not
With what you have for now, plyometrics might be your best friend.

What kind of pull ups? Overhand or underhand?

With the pull up rack, you might be able to do chest dips.


Convert yourself to the overhand side then.
Convert yourself to the overhand side then.
there are tons of great bodyweight exercises that you can use to incrase upper body strength as well as lower.....pushups are great and they have tons of variations, try lifting one leg while doing them, experiment with wider and closer hand placements, or extend your arms out further forward, clapping pushups whatever.

pullups and dips are great too, try weighting them or experiment with kipping
There are tons of push up variations out there. Chin ups, and pull ups, you can do hanging leg raises from your pull up bar, plyometrics, pistols, sprints, you'll be close to covered, just no heavy core work or lower back stuff...look around on here theres a bunch of threads on bodyweight exercies. Check out the Tabata Thread there is a lot of info on things you can do with little equipment.

And Wenis, how high in the high desert, I grew up in the AV.
Wrecking Ball said:
And Wenis, how high in the high desert, I grew up in the AV.

im in victorville. ive got family working in apple valley, and i train in hesperia
Ah quite high in the desert, you fight or train out there? And btw, the french thread in OT rocks...
i can't believe people are recommending a 145 lb kid with no weight training experience or any level of fitness whatsoever to do plyometrics.

To start, just get your body used to the movements, basically, getting into the groove of working out.

you could do something like this

5 pullups
10 pushups
10 situps
20 squats

that is one set. Do a set every other minute, for 15 min. So at the 1min mark do a set, at the 3min mark, do another set, and so on. Do it every other day for a 2 weeks just to teach your muscles how to work in this way. If it's too much, reduce the number of reps, but still do the same number of sets. So do 2 pullups and 7 pushups if it's too difficult. Everyone has to start somewhere, so just do what you can for now. In those 2 weeks, check out stuff on the internet on bodyweight exercises. You shouldn't have to buy any videos or books, there's enough information out there.If you are going to buy something, look for a book on bodyweight training. One that covers variations on pushups, squats, pullups, and ab work. Or just search the internet for *pushup variation* *bodyweight squats* *lunges* things like that. Check out stuff by Steve Maxwell for a great workout using just those 30lb dumbbells.

Good luck
you're not trying to *blast your muscles* or *get all huge and ripped!!!* at this point, you're just givng yourself a base to start from. If you've not workout out much in your life, you need to learn the basics before you move on to the more complex routines and exercises mentioned above.

To make the routine i wrote more challenging, you can reduce the time to every minute on the minute you do another set. Or make the work time longer, 20 min or 30 min.

PM me if you want some more help after 2 weeks.