Problem with left arm



I have strong punches but for some reason, my left arm is not as coodinated as my right arm and it taking me a long time to get it as stong as my right. Sometimes when I swing a jab with my left, my elbow would high extend, i quess, and it would hurt like a bitch. The pain would be located right on top of the elbow, below the tricp. So instead of fast punches, i have to throw rough strong ones so it wouldnt flex out. Anyway to correct this problem?
Are you left or right handed? I'm assuming right.
What you are probably trying to do is snap that jab out there as fast as possible. I ran into this as well when I first started sparring. I just try not to extend my arm past about 90% and rely more on footwork. If I use my feet to get in a little closer, I don't have to extend my arm as much to land the jab.
try to turn your shoulder into your punch more, many people leave their shoulders behind and as a result can damage their arms, and also, don't puch from yourelbow, the only thing the elbow does is turn the punch over that's all.