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    Ok apart from rotator cuff work what other exercises can be done to avoid combat sport related injury, particularly for the hips, ankles, knees?
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    i want to bump this thread. this is a very important point that should be done to prevent potential injuries.
    be aware of the body type you have as certain body types have potential for certain injuries.

    neck- neck crunches, weighted helmet, bridges
    shoulders- cuban presses, r/c work, rear delt work, stretchy tubes,
    wrist- grippers, curls, extensions, abduction, adduction, hammer work
    hip- sit ups, hip flexors, lateral work, cables
    knees- walking lunges, lateral lunges, plie' lunges, sldl, leg curls, balance on one foot, proprioception work,
    ankles- jump rope, stretch tube exercises, writtting the alphabet with your foot,

    consider stretching both before and after. dynamic stretching before and static stretching after.
    also muscle imbalances in mass and strength will increase injury likelihood.

    back- reverse curl ups, twisting movemements,
    shins- toe ups, frankenstein walks,

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