Poatan and the "powercube" punch record


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Jan 22, 2006
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Last weekend Joe Rogan was saying how Pereira broke Ngannou's record on the "powercube" punch by a significant margin, after the conclusion of the main event. He said Pereira scored "190". On the video below you can see he scores "191,796".

I also remember there was some discussion around Joe Pyfer, whose hypetrain was recently derailed, broke Ngannou's record on a UFC punch machine by scoring "170,218 units" which I guess is "170".

No question that Pereira and Pyfer hit hard, but they are not sending people to the shadow realm like Ngannou does, especially heavyweight fighters. So what does this "powercube" machine measure exactly?

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Also is there a list of standing records on this fabled powercube punch machine.
The truth is, we do not know. Might be some calibration issues. I do think Pereira hits hard as fck though.
Even funnier is Aspinall had a much lower score than all 3 of them.

It doesn't make any sense. Nobody actually believes that Jack Hermansson could eat clean shots from Aspinall all night like he did against Pyfer.

It's obvious that whoever the UFC is high on and trying to promote in that moment breaks the high score.

Bo Nickal will break the record next.
As I recall Francis Ngannou hits like a Ford Escort on the basis of one of these punching machines, so what are Pereira and Pyfer hitting like at this point.

Another fellow made a post recently on Sherdog danielzmcwire he observed:

1.Alex Pereira- 191,796

2.Joe Pyfer 170,218

3.Rodolfo Bellator 154,644

4.Francis Ngannou 129,161

5.Tyrone Spong 114,161


So Pereira punches around 1.5x harder than Ngannou according to this machine.
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The machine it's not precise. Especially for angular punches (like hooks and uppercuts). It's good for linear punches, though. Here is the study: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC9784821/
It would seem from that paper that the trademarked "PowerKube" has its own proprietary formula that is not open to the public. I would have thought it could be as simple as a measure of:

  • Force, or
  • Force and velocity, or
  • Force velocity and PSI (pounds per square inch)
Yeah Bruno Silva would totally last 3 rounds with Ngannou.

Mass moves mass at the end of the day and legit HW's like Ngannou and Aspinall are far heavier hitters than any LHW or MW.
As I recall Francis Ngannou hits like a Ford Escort

I'm going with Dodge Ram for Poatan~ :cool: