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Aug 31, 2002
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If you know what I'm talking about, then you KNOW what I'm talking about. How many a day? 1st week through 8th? And if someone is a real expert, how many milligrams are in each pill.
#1can said:
i dont know what you're talking about
Thats why this thread is for people that do, as stated. Anyone else?
um, no more than four a only on days when you have an upset stomach.
Jamison, you got a hold of Anavar?

They come in several dosages, but only two are active (10mg and 2.5mg, I think), you don't know which you got? How much did you get? Where did you get them? Are they quality vet?
Um, they are "pentagon shaped" pink pills....dbol, anadrol, someone must know how many milligrams theese are.
jamison said:
Um, they are "pentagon shaped" pink pills....dbol, anadrol, someone must know how many milligrams theese are.
Okay, anavar is the only agent I know that is known for always being distributed as pink pills.

Pentagon-Shaped? Do you know which pharmacy these came from?

If it turns out they're Anadrol, don't take them. Anadrol has been known (in 50mg daily dosages) to cause complete liver failure in less than two weeks. It just ain't fucking worth it.

Inside the hospital, that'll put you in the OR then ICU, then on a donor list. Outside a hospital, that will kill you.
I think there is a website that if you put in the description of a pill it tells you what it is. Its to prevent teenagers from taking wrong drugs and whatnot.

Either way, figure out what these are before you take them. Worst case scenario if you can't find out what they are, give half to your dog and see what happens. After consideration of weight, metabolic, and liver function take some yourself.
Ok, they are "dianabol" otherwise known as dbol I'm told. 5mg tablets. How effective and how safe. And thanks for the help.
throw em in the toilet.

Then go lift some weights and drink a protein shake.
They'll turn you into a super freaky he-man without ever having to lift a single weight.
Jamison - First of all all you have to do is read that page to find out how safe and effective they are, the very page you posted. What you got sounds like some back-ass black-market shit, which there is no real reason to have gotten in the first-place. Not only do you not know if they're authentic, but even if they are, you run the risk of gynecomastia and liver toxicity as mentioned on that page. There are much safer things to take to boost your testosterone. As a Mod I won't consciously encourage anything illegal, but explore your options before taking this shit.

Another thing you run the risk of is injury. In all the reading I've done about Anabolics, the one thing that is consistent is constant muscle tears. Despite that these are a common injury in most sports, Anabolic use increases the chances of it because the connective tissue that keeps muscle in-place will not grow at the same rate as muscles do when taking anabolics. This is why in most strength-athletics one of the most prominent and consistent side-lining injuries are muscle tears. However, to a fighter this can be detrimental to your entire career. Reason being if I'm your opponent and I know you're recovering from a torn bicep, or worse...two of them...guess what I'm going for? That's right, I'll attack your arms with every ounce of energy I have. Or I'll do anything that might cause the re-inury of whatever it was you injured.

Whatever you decide to do in the end, think on it. Think on it long and hard. Recently they did a "True Life" special on Anabolic users (though it grossly mis-represented Anabolics letting that freaking set of parents speak who say their son killed himself because of Steroids, which is all-out bullshit), and one of the guys was an MMA fighter. He juiced for his first match because he wanted to win his Pro debut so bad. But he went on to win his second and third without. It just went to show the will to win was what was important, every bit as important as the means.
D-bol if there 5mg then I would take 2 pills a day for 6 wks. If I were you I would try to get something to stack it with like tes, or deca. If I were only taking them alone I would probably take 3 a day for 6 wks. Depending on how many you have. You could take 2 pills for 2 wks, 3 wks 3 pilss, 2 wks 2 pills i. You want to shoot up if you can get your hands on it. Work out hard, eat a lot, drink plenty of water, get milk thistle and cranberry extract. Towards the end of your cycle u might feel upset to your stomach and it might be hard to eat a lot. Since your taking pills.
funny stuff. they are d bol from thailand( made either by british dragon *which will have a snake embossed on the tab* or british disp.) and could be 5mg or 10mg.
there are many, many fakes so be careful or you might be wasting your money.
as for dose they are usually taken anywhere from 5-10/day. do you have a PCT protocol in place?
a dbol only cycle will suck. you need to do some research somewhere else.
I would like to thank all who offered sincere advice. Yes I lift, I'm 5'9 and 205lb's, so I have bulk. Everyone in the gym seems to call theese "pinkies" or the pink pills, so I just figured I'd ask around and see if people had experience with them. I probably should have done this research somewhere else seeming most were clueless (this is not a bad thing), though the last few posters obviously knew what they were talking about. Thanks again.
loose pink tablets?
i never touched pink dianabol.
i would always go for naposims.
much better quality and i would take 10 x 5mg a day with 1000mg of testoviron a week.
bumped my squat and deadlift both over the 500lb mark.
the real bad bys are anapalon, try getting those.
fucking nut nut pills that are awesome stacked with halotestin.