Pinched Nerve?

Simon Marini

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Nov 22, 2002
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I'm gonna go get this checked out on my next day off, but just wanted to see if anybody knew anything bout it. I think it's a pinched nerve, when I grapple, if I get my neck into a specific angle/spot it hurts a little (and it's not stretched to the point where it should hurt) and if it gets pushed a little farther my whole left arm goes numb. It feels like my arm falls asleep but I can still move it, then like 10 seconds later it goes away and I'm fine again.

It's happening about 6 times so far, and now I've noticed a decrease in any chest press exercise on my left side. When I do bench press now my left side feels way weaker ad I can't press as much weight as before.

Anybody ever had this problem too? Or ya know how to get rid of it? Cause this is so fucken annoying haha.

thanks for listening to my whining! and thanks to any and all help guys
Damn, dude. I wouldn't wait for a day off if I were you. I have no idea what it is, but many injuries are minimized by having them diagnosed and treated ASAP.

I know how life is, with work and family commitments, but your health is paramount; without it, your other commitments will suffer as well.

Not trying to sound paternal or anything. Hope it's not serious.

Hell, you guys have got free health care anyway, right? :)

EDIT: Oh, BTW, I think the kind of advice you're asking for is a forbidden topic around here, so you're not likely to get many responses.
oh it's forbidden.. sorry bout that, I tend not to read rules much haha, anyway, yeah I just checked it out and the doc said it's a minorly pinched nerve, since it's not just from doing nothing. SO the advice was to just rest my neck for a while. So it'l be "light" jiu-jitsu and wrestling for a couple weeks, now I'll be forced to spend more time on my stand-up too.
Glad to hear it's not so serious as to totally prevent you fromt training. I think I had a pinched nerve in my back once and I remember how painful it was. Fortunately it cleared up pretty quickly because it was borderline debilitating.

Maybe it'll be a good thing in the long run. As much as any injury sucks, I've had some that in hindsight were somewhat helpful because (1) they forced me to clean up my act and use better form when training, thereby probably preventing something more serious, and (2) they forced me to break from habit and undertake other aspects of training that I may have otherwise neglected until then. Like you said, now you're forced to work on stand-up more.