I just wanted to let people know that they should quit making quips about FTYD because apparently a lot of people have lifted their torch high and start posting pictures regularly. I'm reading the posts and there's always little jabs about it. There's many other picture posters to worry about aside from FTYD. He's been rather insightful as of late.

...sorry I'm drunk
Sometimes his picture posts give me a great laugh. The thread about Meat becoming a mod for example. After the announcement there were 20 or so posts of:
You deserve it!
etc, etc, etc.

Then ftyd posted the "you won the prize" pic. Had me in stitches! :D
There's two that I really enjoy. The first one is the one with Gary Coleman and 'Who fuckin' cares'. And then there's the one about the special olympics. Something that goes the way of 'Fighting over the internet is like the Special Olympics, even if you win you look fucking retarded'.
I like the pics, why not, breaks up the reading of actual text all the time and some of them are damn funny.
That pic with special boyscout reaching for that puny fucking trinket levels me without fail. And of course Fight's the maestro of placement.

FatBobby used the goddamn Gary Coleman pic today and I almost spit out my Coke. It was twice as funny because he never posts pics.
By the way, since my initial intent was to just post a simple statement I guess we can hijack this thread and turn it into a 'FAVORITE PICTURES' thread. It seems to be going down that road anyhow.
there is another one that really make me LMAO......someone make a thread about Rickson Gracie (yeah like that was something new) and Jugernnaut place a pic of Rickson that say..,,`Stop making thread about me`........that was a truly priceless pic......i still laugh just to remember that one.....that`s the kind of picture everyone should use to post in Rickson least we can send a message with that one.......enough of Rickson thread....:D
That's cool vod, it ain't that bad. What I found laughable though is to see people picking on me who have no fucking ground to stand on. It's the ones who just "read" somewhere that I posted a lot of pics in the past. I don't mind if the proven vets from the old board pick on me sometimes. But even then I can handle myself ;)

HAHAHAHA meat..when bobby posted that pic I fucking lmao since I can't remember him posting an image like that :D
the George Bush "I'd Hit it" and the Schwartzenegger pictures will never get old.
Hey Vod this one

I don't mind them at all. If he makes them, then he should post them whenever he wants. He did put his time on them, so why not?
Yeah takes a lot of skill for FTYD to rip-off pics from the OG:rolleyes:
I like the pix when used sparringly...however, I can't stand the ones that bank too far right and ruin the right justified!:mad:
I guess squatdog didn't read what this thread is about :rolleyes: :rolleyes: