phone book tear video

Props for putting video of yourself up. You're a straight shooter.
VoLTesV said:
phone books don't hit back
HAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! oh man I hope that was a joke...

Anyways, that was an alright tear diesel. It makes for a great party trick doesn't it? A couple hundred phonebooks later and your technique and explosiveness improve dramatically. Check the chamber of comerce in your town to get some free phonebooks (nobody was at the front desk of the local COC one day so I walked out with like 40 phonebooks). Anyways, this is something you really make big strides at through practice. be sure to Quarter and sixth or eighth your phonebooks after you tear them in half for more practice. but eventually as the pieces get smaller you'll have to switch to a deck of card tearing technique to make additional tears (for 12ths and 16ths).
Good job bro!

On a side note, it might be time to clean your room...
That's really good..

And it's true. Phone books really don't hit back.
HAHAHAHA, Barut you beat me to the punch. Nice job Diesel!! That was a nice tear. Now scatter the papers on your floor to blend it in.
You must be very angry about your phone bill. Just kidding, man. Always impressive to see your videos.
And, on a side note, your room isn't any worse than mine, much to my wife's dismay.
good work, can i ask how much and what type of grip work you have done?
Dude, I'm telling you: to learn to rip phonebooks, practice ripping phonebooks. the tear is more like a bend than a tear, so I suppose if you wanted to get better at it, bend something, but you'll get a lot more bang for your buck by shredding a couple dozen phonebooks.
nudge119 said:
Diesel - How did the PA Strongest Man Conteset go for you?

I tied for 3rd place in the Novice Lightweight division.

unreal: I did it more often in the past and I'm starting to get back into tearing. However, my focus is more on strongman training and competition.

farmboy: Yeah, those bastards piss me off! :mad: :wink:

yomon: I try to do grip training at least once or twice per week. My grip training these days is mostly done with block weights, but I occasionally throw in tearing and grippers into the mix too. I also did a lot of bending, this summer. My best bend was a grade 5 bolt.
DieselWeasel said:
I tied for 3rd place in the Novice Lightweight division.
Good job man! Were you able to get any reps on the overhead log press?