Pat Barry being huge

Pat needs to put the weights down and work on his technique.
Absolutely no need in doing a movement like that. I'm a gym rat and can think of much more practical and safe movement that would bring much more in the way of muscle and strength gain... But it's pat so it's whatev
As much as I like Pat Barry, he has to do shit like this to keep his fanbase going because with his current skillset (which doesn't look likely to improve much) he's not going to get very far in the HW division.
And then we are all surprised at the amount of injuries...
Come on Pat... The injury bug does a real good job without you inviting him in.
over the top. i understand that he wants to make an interesting video for his fans but he looks like an idiot and you just know some idiot fan of his will be at the gym monday trying this shit and rupturing a disk in the process
Bunch of negative nancies on this forum.

Barry is a positive, goal-oriented, and genuine guy. He keeps it positive and he stays strong despite his set backs.

I want every sherdogger on here to try to avoid saying negative things today. Just say the positive opposites of whatever angry, hate-filled crap you were going to spill today. Every put-down into an opposing compliment. Instead of "Bisping was never good" you say "Vitor showed he's still got it".... or conversely, if Bisping wins "Bisping really put his gamplan together today" instead of "Vitor is old and stupid and I hate him". :)

Smile bitches.
Btw, Pat Barry wins Arnold impression of the year. <---- see.... positive.
I can see his back about to poop. gross.
it's not a "bench press" because he is not on a's more of an incline press than a bench anyway if you look at the angle, plus he is going to ruin his spine!