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"Pacquiao Syndrome" in MMA?

Millennium Man**

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Dec 14, 2012
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Pac was once an unstoppable force in boxing, and was thought as the fighter who could match up well against Floyd. However, during his winning streak, he had one arch nemesis who is simply his stylistic nightmare, which is Marquez.

Is there a fighter in the UFC who was thought to be almost invincible in his prime against everybody, except for that one opponent?
Brock Lesnar was the GOAT until he got hit in the face.

People thought that was the case with Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen, but then it turned out it wasn't.
I dont know about primes, but Mir sure seems to have Big Nogs number.
"unstoppable force"
When was this?
I dont know about primes, but Mir sure seems to have Big Nogs number.

Mir was a world destroyer and than Brocktober happen.
Brock was going to be P4P GOAT and than he got hit in the face.

Those had no Paciao status tho so:
Fitch who could beat anyone but GSP.
Ken Flo who could beat anyone but BJ.

Those are probably closer.

If not Ben ''Smooth'' getting smack arround by ''Showtime'' Pettis is the only true case I can think of.
Hughes, lost twice to Hallman.

Pac wasn't ever unstoppable though, and never cleaned house like Hughes did. In fairness, he's in deeper divisions, and multiple ones at that. So its not like there was really ever time to beat EVERYONE.
Barnett v CroCop is a pretty close (but not perfect) example.

At the time, yeah, that's a good one. Barnett was dominant but just couldn't seem to ever get anything going against Crocop, although on paper he should have had a good shot.

Another classic Pride example was Nogueira and Fedor. Nog was talked about as unstoppable around early '03, and then Fedor just totally derailed him. And then in each rematch, a lot of people expected Nog to alter his gameplan and win, and he just wasn't able to do it. But at the same time, he was beating everyone else at HW.
Marquez beat him one out of four times. Not exactly having someones number. If you fight the same person enough times you are bound to get different results. Pacman beats Marquez 6-8 out of 10 times.

nah, dont be so strict on the rules bro.. I am a Filipino but Marquez really had his number..Pac never convincingly beat Marquez n his wins..