Pacquiao Diaz replay


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Mar 26, 2008
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I forgot to mention that At the press confrence they announced that because the fight was so good that they would be airing the first replay on hbo on thursday, there then will be another and usual replay on saturday.
for the impatient folks there's always youtube...
I searched youtube but by the time I got there the videos had already been removed.
i wish i could see a replay of the soto/lorenzo fight; i dont think they will replay it though. i really want to see how lamply and emanuel reacted and what comments they had for the ending to that fight; i was at the fight and didnt record it...
lol, I dont know why they didnt run a Countdown show for this fight. They did one for Jermain Taylor fights which were not even PPV and for DLH's fight w/ Forbes that was not a PPV either. If you want to play the "well their popular" card then, okay, they did one for Marquez-Barrerra.
it would have been manny saying "uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh" for 15minutes, and diaz saying "'uckin' " and some clay davis "shiieeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyttttttsss" for the other 15
Nice Clay Davis reference... I'd expect nothing else from a MD guy.

Wire FTW!