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~*Official Voting for S&P's Team Summer Competition*~

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Mar 11, 2008
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Because of the good feedback in my previous thread, I've decided we give this contest a go.

Previous thread can be found here:


Because many here have interest in Big 3...one of these 3 will be the picked for the competition, not some obscure lift like Bosu-Ball-Overhead-Kettlebell-Dick-Thrusts.

I'll tally and update this thread as often as I can. Diesel Wiesel UPDATE picture posters will hopefully be...banned.

A draft thread with the team leaders will be made in a few days. The tentative start date will probably be around the beginning of June.
seriously though guys lets keep this on topic and not let it get buried under a heap of jokes and sarcasm like oh so many things here do...
EDIT: Where the hell do I go to pick my avatar?!

You have to find a suitable picture and resize it to 100X100. Sometimes you can find ones that are already that size. You could go to another forum and steal one.
hey har... if you just got your orange it might not be updated yet so it won't show that you can change it... it took mine like a day after orange before I could change it...

P.S. Make this a poll Mr. MOD! pweese
I vote for dead lift, i feel i have alot more to give on this lift.
Bench press, because my bench sucks and it's the lift I am least motivated to train. We all get up for squatting and deadlifting big, but benching...eh. This would be a good boost to encourage some heavy pressing.
I need to get my conventional DL up, so it got my vote.
The DW pic is the official update form and must be filled out in triplicate before a thread can be updated.
So the winner is calculated on most improved, not total poundage, right?
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