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Oct 6, 2021
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Hello, did you come up with your defensive system, or was it designed by a trainer / taught to you? Likely a mix.
Came to ask this.

Also if possible:
Which fighters inspired you?
who did you take ideas or techniques from?

and lastly

I see a mix of defensive styles, including Philly shell, cross guard and traditional high guard, could you discuss how you combined them and used switching between these tactics to confuse your opponents?
Tim, you seem to place a large emphasis on ''the art'' of boxing. What boxers, from any era, do you think embodied the art of boxing the most?

And also, have you considered coming back to boxing for one of these celebrity or legend fights like Tyson, Bowe and Holyfield are doing? You seem to be in better shape, mentally and physically, than all of them.
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You fought a lot of good heavyweights in the 80's yet missed the big fight against Tyson, how do you think you would have fared against him back then if you were properly focused?
Hi guys this is 2x Heavyweight Champ here to answer fan questions from around the internet. More questions and answers coming soon. Please feel free to ask anything. Don't forget to like an subscribe on Youtube.

You’ve opened a can of worms here Tim!
700 questions incoming!
Could you beat a true Sherdogger ?

Jokes aside, tell us some Ali tales.
Hey Tim,

When do you think you were at your best?

As you get older, has something taken the place of boxing as one of your passions (reading, writing, etc.)?
Who do you seek out & watch or enjoy the most from currently active boxers?
You fought almost everyone from your era, but missed out on some big names.. Which is the fight you wanted most but never got? Did any of the big names duck you?