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new CSI catalog?


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Jan 22, 2005
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Hey all--

anyone know if there's a new CSI print catalog out yet? I have the holiday sale one, but the "expiration date" has long since passed, which usually means a new one's on the way... Just got the new Ringside one, so I was hoping maybe a new CSI would be close behind...

as if I can afford more new gear, but still... :)

<--- will be giving the evil eye to her mail carrier tomorrow.
Haven't seen the new catalog, but I'll keep an eye out for it.
lethalweapon said:
what's csi?

crime scene investigators.... a popular show

there are three of them

CSI - the original that takes place in las vegas
CSI Miami
lowCofG said:
<--- will be giving the evil eye to her mail carrier tomorrow.

you're a "her"? and you're anxious to get your CSI catalog? that's so hot.
lmao. um, thanks?

yeah, I tend to pick a few things out of csi/ringside as "rewards" when I reach a goal in my training. I know it's all mostly online, but still.

I keep hoping to win the lotto so I can just call these places and say "yeah, send me one of everything you have..." oh man that would be so freaking awesome...

{insert Homer Simpson drool} mmm, geeeeear.
lowCofG said:
{insert Homer Simpson drool} mmm, geeeeear.

Oh my god -- AND she references Homer. I think I'm in love.

(Just don't tell my wife.)
see, why all the decent mma guys already gotta be married?

thanks, wilhelm-- because of that avatar, I'll have to watch Kill Bill. Again. and again. and... oops.

ron, meanwhile, can write my personals ad, lol.

still no catalog here. grrrrr.
I have been waiting to get one. I have filled out the online thing 3 times and Have sent an email to the CS once. I am feeling left out.