need more active mod in here?

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May 16, 2003
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give me some suggestions, I'll relay it to the higher ups. I'm a mod in here, but I don't know enough or have enough spare time to take care of all the training forums like I'm supposed to. who's in here a lot, is responsible and wants the job?
Urban, count me in. I'd love to mod this place.
This place is in some serious need of a more active mod. One that actually posts in here. '

I think KK would be good canidate.
I'll back Kabuki.
I"ll back kabuki, he seems to know stuff, yet not get so into the discussions that he'd have a power trip and delete threads that don't agree with him.

Madmick also, he knows a lot.

I'd also back up boxingfannomore, yet he doesn't seem to post too much, so I don't know how much he is around. I don't know if he only views this board once in a while or lurkes around all the time.
I just read a few posts from Terumo and he seems to know what he is talking about also, but he hasn't been here a long time so I dunno.
I back King Kabuki. He is honest, works in the suplement industrie and is actually applying his knowledge in his quest to become a professional boxer. He is by far the best pick for mod of this forum as he posts and answers questions in damn near every thread.
Count my vote for King Kabuki.

BTW, I did not know that Coach D got booted. Can someone explain?

He got booted for posting pm's and i think the fact that he was a big fucking asshole didnt help his case any
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