neck exercises


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Feb 15, 2004
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any recommendations to build up the neck for fighting?

bridges dont seem to do much (maybe im doing them wrong) and the MT style rope and weight hanging from the mouth really messes up my teeth
Yes plesae do describe because that kind of bridging sound rather unique and strange to me
Another exercise I didi for my neck today was laying on a bench with my head off the end of it. I took a 55 lb bar and that pad that the pussies use on squats and i covered the 55 lb bar with it. The I placed the bar on my forhead and let it go back and then i brought it up for a 5 count and lowered it down. I did these for a couple sets of 8. They work great in building. Dont neglect you neck if you are planning in getting into fighting. It is key in the clinch and in some instances it can keep you from being choked or even knocked out. Keep that in mind next time you are thinking of neglecting working it.