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Oct 10, 2005
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Ok so now i have been doing some searching on this forum i figured out my plan

cardio(jump rope, run)
push ups
sit ups

weights(school gym)
sit ups

cardio(tiabo, jump rope)
push ups
sit ups

weights(school gyme)
sit ups

cardio(tiabo, jump rope, and sprints)

push ups and sit ups

rest push ups and sit ups

and that will be my training

please tell me if i got something wrong or i need to change something in my training please feel free to comments
well my goal is to get in shape before i go to college so i got 11 months, but my other goal is to be able to pass my pt test in jrotc i suck at it
Push ups and Situps. Do ladders

First set 1
Second set 2
third set 3
you get the idea. Keep going up until you get tired..Then start back at 1 rep, then go back up

other way to do start at a higher number, say 10, then work back down

You want to increase work without going to faliure. So therefore you can do a lot more volume.
aight i will try those out well i can't liftweights after school becuase my principal is anal so i have just been doing cardio, just been running i kind of like it i think alot lol, but its going good, my weight now is 204lbs, my goal is to drop down to 179 that is my goal, so if i keep up my cardio and eat right i am going to get their.
marine said:
well my goal is to get in shape before i go to college so i got 11 months, but my other goal is to be able to pass my pt test in jrotc i suck at it

Ull be in great shape in 11 months. Aas the weeks go by increase your cardio
well i did a body fat test but i guess alot but i made sure i over guest on it but i think i was close

it said i had 34.5% body fat so i would put it between 30.0%-34.5% so i need to get down to 12%-15% body fat, so this is my new goal, now finding this out has got me hype so i am about to go do some work outs will keep yall updated
ok i was at 204 like 2 weeks ago now i am at 195 i think i could have lost a little more if i pushed my self but i think i am doing good, going to up my cardio more and try to lift more weights also i am going to try out some protein drinks like muscle milk, and see how that does and also i might try out nutrex lipo 6 i heard it worked but for now i am just going to drink protein in the moring and just work out
ok another update well people i have decided to join my high school wrestling team, yea a good start for me in mma and well get me in well shape, even tho its my senior year i still want to do it, talking to the coach tomorrow but alot of the wrestlers said that it would be good to have me on the team so i can't wait
ok well i got to up my cardio more so i can get conditioned for wrestling, after practice or a day off of practice just something to do on my own time is this cardio regiment

5 min rounds - 3 rounds

Start with

30 push ups
30 squats
30 jump jacks
Run away as fast as i can from where i started then run back as fast as i can
repeat adding 10

until my 5 mins up, a short break and get ready for the next round
ok did the work out today had to shortin it up a little bit only did like 2 rounds, cause my asthma was acting up, but i felt good after that tho.
ok this kinda sucks right now i was at 195 i gained a pound so at 196 so i have to up my cardio, just have to find time i am dissaponted so new goal be at 187 by christmas time.

work outs been doing

3 sets of push ups till fail
3 sets of sit ups till fail
do tiabo
and sprints and jogging in place

whole work out is around 30 to 40 mins
Ok got to loose 7 more pounds by christmas, I know i can do it, I have been reading alot on diet and exercise.

Lately been doing Tabata which is a beast, and days when i am not doing tabata I have been jumproping.

I know I could have lost more wight by then but just be unfocues lately, but i am getting myself together.

after I reach my goal,
I am getting Bas Ruttens MMA workout for christmas

so after i rearch 187 I am starting that :D
If trying to get in shape for rotc pt test is one of your goals, you should add some pull-ups in there. I'm assuming it's for the marines right? Anyways, you will burn a shitload of calories when you start wrestling, combine that with a good diet and the pounds will just melt off. Good luck and keep up the good work.
thanks yall well really can't do wrestling long story, but yea i its for jrotc army tho even tho i do miss being in a marine corps jrotc.

but i am ashamed that i can't even do one pull up so i have'nt been training on that, just sit-ups, and runing.
Im in the army in europe Ive got 10yrs wrestling and about 1 1/2 to 2yrs jiu jitsu background. I know how these pt test can be. One thing you want to be careful with is that not to gain to much weight protien shakes can be good but they can also slow you down with your cardio because your gaining weight and once you loosing weight its way better for your run time when it comes to push ups and sit ups pyramids always helped out I max my pt test at 340 I weigh 195 and got about 10- 15% body fat.
Im 5'9. If you dont know what pyramids are I start with 20 push or situps go from 20 down to 0 then your next rep you do 19 down to 0 then 18 down to 0 and so on you just keep pushin yourself when it hurts the most your gonna break and sooner or later you can go up in count from 30 down to 40 down.
oh and for cardio just find some good hills to sprint up and down and also go on a long run once or twice a week.
ok thanks man yea I take that into consideration, so since i really don't want to gain how many grams of protein should i put in my drink.

Today went to the gym worked out upper body

bench: 3 sets of 7
preacher curl: 3 sets of 7
abs: till fail
dips: 3 sets of 7
chest:3 sets of 7
back:3 sets of 7

then went to the sauna, wow felt good after i came out and took a shower.

when i go back tuesday will do lower body tuesday.

so glad i can get to a gym now glad i know people that can get on base, cause the gym is free their.