My Daughter was in another TKD Tournament



For anybody who doesn't know about my previous post, heres the link:

Anyway, my daughter was in another tournament today and she did GREAT! It was quite a drive to the event so my daughter had to battle a bit of car sickness when we arrived.
But she quickly overcame that and went on to win 1st place in the forms part of the meet! Keep in mind there were 5 other cities being represented at the tounament too.
Then came time for the sparring. She easily defeated her first opponent and moved on to the finals. She ended up facing her best friend in the finals,and because of that, she was kind of worked up before the fight.
So I pulled her aside and told her that they were both friends before the fight, and they would be after as well. But when the fight starts, she was to go for the win.
So the fight started win my daughter dominating the first 1/2 of it. Problem was, she was gased and was on the defensive for the 2nd 1/2. But I was still sure she had won.
Imagine my heartbreak when the judge pointed at the other girl. But my little girl was still happy for her friend and even hugged her after the match.
So she went away happy with 2 BIG trophies for our mantle. Even when she was icing down her right thigh after an acciedental low shot during the sparring, she was smiling, looking at her trophies.
thats cool RCCOLA......she did a good job, you should be proud.
Awesome man, congrats! Did she inherit her skillz from dear old dad? :D
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Awesome man, congrats! Did she inherit her skillz from dear old dad? :D

Congrayz RC.
Eh youll always have problems with judging in those point matches, i had one yesterday where everyone saw i clearly beat the kid but the judge said i lost....... then i later found out that the judge was the fuckign kids teacher.... so i got robbed of 1st place.
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Awesome man, congrats! Did she inherit her skillz from dear old dad? :D
Not in TKD anyway. I excelled in amature wrestling.
Congratulations on your daughter`s accomplishments, man...
Well, I'm glad for her even if it is TKD. I mean with YOU as a dad she needs all the help she can get :)
congrats. your daughter's going to do real well in tkd and in life, and I wish i had a father like you.

and yes i know that feeling, of losing like that, and having a good time. in the last tkd tournament, i thought i dominated about 70% of it and the rest were pretty even. and the guy kicked me in the nuts, leg and back. and when they announced the results, the ref pointed to the other guy. but we still became friends after that and just learn from it.

Yea, she was pretty amped about it. I hope she still enjoys it in the future.
Congrats on your daughter RCCOLA!! Hope she continues her martial arts journey and study other styles too!

You sparring your daughter isn't as crazy as it sounds. I didn't have a good grasp of how to defend against a shorter opponent until my coach shoved me in the ring with a 6'6" fighter. She'll have to fight a game she's not used to, which will lead to her understand the shorter fighters game and how to counter it.

Also Steven Lopez has a series of TKD sparring technique DVD's out. They consist of many of Team Elite's training techniques
if u want some more good tkd training videos, try looking into the "Gold Medal Training System" series. 1've got the first volume. they are hard to find though, but they are excellent. mostly drills and unique plyometric excercises, and some cord stuff from what i;ve seen.

they are from century so u should be able to order from them, and they are from the gold medal team production. they are about 56 bucks per tape in the catalogue, but i got mine for 26 canadian, since my instructor has them in the store and sells stuff for half price to school members.

and it was pretty entertaining, one of the few training video's i've seen which i didn't have trouble trying to stay awake watching