most skilled gracie...(except rickson)


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Jul 25, 2005
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there are a lot of them... pick... or flame me.. whatever u feel like doing
At sport BJJ, probably Royler. At MMA, I'd give it to Royce. Renzo is probably the most rounded.
For submission no gi grappling Roger.

MMA Renzo or Royler but both are getting older.

Up and coming gi bjj are Kron and Rhalan.
Royler has done excellently in competition, gi and no-gi, and I know that Renzo has done well in Abu Dhabi, so those two come to mind.
Green Whale said:

Rillion is supposed to be the Gracie with the best guard, but he doesn't compete much it seems. He's always there in the Gracie train, guy with light hair.

Rillion is older than even Rickson, that's why.
old school-----rolls
then ...royler.
now days, roger
Royce for MMA

proabably renzo or royler for pure grappling
1. Royler (the most technical and successful competition wise)
2. Roger (big, technical, young, TONS of promise)
3. Royce (not as techical as the rest but very aggressive, good for MMA)
4. Renzo (well rounded, did well but not great in everything)
Roger's awesome... but he doesn't even look like a Gracie, which makes him cooler.
For MMA I think Renzo, Royce did better earlier on, but Renzo showed his ability to adapt and evolve, he modified his art more than Royce and learned more skills of the game.
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It's Roger. In the past two years he's tapped Werdum, Saulo and Xande Ribeiro, Margarida, Jacare, Terere.. to name a few.

He's only had a couple of narrow - and perhaps controversial - losses to Jacare, also an amazing grappling.