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Most expensive piece of clothing you've ever purchased?

Corrado Soprano

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Apr 24, 2012
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What's the most amount of money you've ever spent on a piece of clothing? I recently bought my father a $350 dollar Danier leather jacket which was marked down from $650. This is the most I've ever spent on clothes. As far as quality leather jackets are concerned, $350 isn't that bad but it's still a lot. What's the most you've ever spent and don't be shy...
I think I paid about $300 for some pants. If you count footwear as clothing, I've got two pairs of boots that cost me $500 each, as well as ski-boots that cost $750.

I've got a half dozen Gore-tex jackets that all MSRP for around $700-$750, but I only paid about 20% of MSRP.
I dropped around 300 on a pair of combat boots. Worth every penny; they're the most comfortable and durable pair of footwear I've ever owned.
Over a $100 on a coat.

Im not a big cloths spender. Jeans and a shirt. Neither over 100 bucks.
Do sunglasses count? I hate wearing contacts so I ended up getting a pair of prescription sunglasses. If I would have bought the glasses standard they would have only been about $150, but with prescription polarized lenses it was close to $500.
winter coats often run around 400 bucks, that's what my last burton coat cost anyway.
Just over $7K for a Rolex Milgauss. Not really clothing though.

Maybe $300 for a suit.
I saved my allowance for a few months and bought some sweet Fila Straps back in the day for around $85. Rocked the straps in the back like a boss too. I did get a Giants Starter jacket for one Christmas and a Triple Fat Goose for another that were both pretty expensive at the time, but I didnt buy those.

Its either those or some other shoe that I cant recall.

Edit: if glasses count then it is those. Presciption glasses arent cheap...
I have a pair of Danner military boots that cost like $500, best pair of footwear I've worn.

As far as actual clothing, I bought an Armani dress shirt that cost $260.
Around $300 for a winter jacket. The cheaper one I had got stolen from a bar in the middle of winter and I needed a fast but quality replacement and the only place I knew nearby was a North Face store. Normally I wouldn't go for brand names like that but it I still have the same jacket a few years later and it's been great (may have to think of changing up soon, however, it's beginning to fray around the edges).

Hmm, don't know that I've ever gone higher than about 200 quid for a pair of boots. What's that in U.S. dollars? About $350?
A crocks and castles jacket for like 300.00.

I have a ton of jackets and hoodies that range from 50-250.00, this is the most expensive one. I kinda collect them.
3500$ on a Dolce Gabbana jacket.
Worn it like 5 times in 6 years.

i bought my mom a $300 scarf in florence.
A few pairs of jeans around $200 but I've had them for 3+ years. Levis would only last me one year so in the end it winds up costing the same but the more expensive ones look/feel better.

Have several boots around $200

Will have a couple suits soon and they'll cost $500 each