most amount of days I should be training BJJ?


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Apr 17, 2005
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Anyone have any tips on what's the most days I should take BJJ during the week?
I did three days in a row last week and felt like my hips were going to fall over after that.

I was thinking about going Mondays, Wednseday, Thursday, and Saturdays?

Is that too much for me, considering I just started about half a year ago?
If you are going 8 days a week you are going too much.
all depends on other commitments
if you dont work and just sleep all day then go bjj at night youve got nothing to worry about
but if you work a hard job you wanna pace yourself
Stoic1 said:
If you are going 8 days a week you are going too much.

Truer words were never spoken. Deep and profound. haha...

In all seriousness... listen to your body. If your body starts falling apart, you need to tone it back a little. There's no magic number for the most amount of days you should be training BJJ. Everyone's different... try to find the amount that works for you.
Exactly. Depends a lot on your other commitments. It is all about the balance. Do you want to do it for physical training, competition, something to do, etc? Most importantly listen to your body.
I just want to get good, and eventaully start teaching, get my black belt along the way.

Ive been doing it since last September, so Im just looking to improve so I can start

go as much as you can. the only real problem I had
in terms of body breakdown when I started was my finger joints loosening up,
but that was from clutching gi too much as a beginner...
I train BJJ three days a week, stand up two days a week, and weight train 4 days a week. I just worked through the initial soreness and pain when I started, and eventually it went away and I am fine. Some days are worse than others, but you should just listen to what your body can handle, stretch, and get rest. I also vary my weight training to accomodate the soreness from grappling.
As everyone else has said, it depends on how well your body holds up under hard training and how it recoups after. I train everyday except Sunday, and twice a day on Tuesday and Friday, so 6 days/8 classes a week. It works for me, but I know others that keep it at 3 or 4 because they end up with too many injuries when they train too much. It doesn't do you any good to go to 10 classes a week and have to take off every other week to let injuries heal. It's not a race, find a workload that suits you and stick with it, maybe you can up it as your body adjusts.
Stoic1 said:
If you are going 8 days a week you are going too much.

I got about 5 days a week some which is about 5-6 times a week (no gi and gi day on certain days)
If you want to train more, learn how to roll lightly. I wish more people learnt how to do this
Thanks for the tips. I think the problem I was having before was the guy I started training
with really just held a class with all sparring so he could personally get better.

This class was 1.5 hrs, and we would spar for the 1st hour, and then work technique for 15 minutes.

The first month of class was brutal, as I came home every night beat the fuck up and sore from
being armbarred a gazillion times.

I think I got injured so much because of all the rolling I was doing. I have gotten a new
teacher now who knows what hes doing, so I think I should be able to go to class more now
that we only spar for like 20 minutes a class.
Spar for the first hour and then work 15 minutes of technique? Wow. That sounds really bad. Unless of course it was a few weeks before a tournament... Then it sounds pretty good.
dutchmasterj3 said:
I just want to get good, and eventaully start teaching, get my black belt along the way.

Yeah you...and about half the viewers here.
You're body can handle a shitload of free training, just not HARD free training. TRAIN LIGHT DAMMIT! LOL
Stoic1 said:
If you are going 8 days a week you are going too much.

As long as your body gets enough rest, I agree!

As for the soreness, it'll go away quick enough.

But listen to your body. If you need rest, rest...
yeah there's no need to be going all out all the time.. a lot of guys need to learn that about stand-up sparring too.
I find the more I train the less frequently I get injured. Which is somewhat paradoxical.