Moral of the story kids, learn how to squat (including favorite competition squats)


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Jun 24, 2011
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Don't resort to shit like this:



Have a good rest of your day.
God, I hate that guy in the .gif so much. I don't know him at all but I just hate him.
The difference is that Scooby is squatting raw and those other old men aren't.
His overly tight shorts provide assistance for those massive dumbbells.
Title: Favorite competition squats

first post: Captain Kirk's gym squat.

Sorry, that was bugging me.

Grinds his first attempt at 993, no good. Comes back and nails his second.
I did squats like in that gif when I was rehabbing my knee post surgery. At physical therapy, I used a stability ball. At home, I used a skateboard.
That scooby dude is awful man I've seen some of his videos and he pretty much recommend you DONT squat or deadlift but do isolation etc etc... I've seen him recommend like 1600 calories to build muscle amied toward a 160lb guy. He is a body builder but his preportions are fucked up hes on steroids but looks like shit, the guys an overall dweeb. Of course all of the above means he has thousands of followers and is own website.