Moore's Law


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Aug 29, 2010
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I want to talk about Moore's Law. Moore's Law states that computer power will double every 18months.

Has this held true?

Can this cont. to hold True?

At what point does this law fail.

Will computer power ever plateu and reach the point where maxium efficiency? is so, what comes next.
Have you heard of the singularity TDA?
advances in computers have seriously slowed down over the past thirty years. all they're doing is increasing the memory, hdd/sdd size, and the processor speed. there haven't been many new innovations in terms of what computers actually do.
Have you heard of the singularity TDA?

That's exactly what I was thinking about.

3 years ago they were saying Moore's law was about over -but with the quantum computing strides in the last few years it may be back on.
Singularity? In the cosmological sense?

Sounds like "Legba" from Neuromancer, who's an artificially created super-intelligence.
I was wondering this myself, doesn't Kurzweil say you should be getting double the power for your $ every 18 months? I bought my Mac 2 years ago for around $2000, it's 2.4ghz, the same price bracket now buys a 2.3ghz, WTF?
Cool thanks. I just did a quick google search and seem like dude might be very insterting to read up on.

My phone died while I was writing an explanation for it lol. Sorry about that. It's extremely interesting though. And remember that we don't hear about the biggest advances for 20-30 years after they've been made. Look forward to the future my friend.
I've skimmed some writing on the singularity being a bunch of pseudoscience, maybe I'll post it here later to get some comments.
I've skimmed some writing on the singularity being a bunch of pseudoscience, maybe I'll post it here later to get some comments.

Do. I'd like to read it.

If I was really convinced that its likely I'd treat my body like a temple.
Seems more like a theory but still quite interesting
Yo. Yooooooo. I just got done watch this 25min vid on Ray Kurzwell theory of Singularity and my head is spinning.

So many questions.

1. His theory "Kinda" co-insides with Moore's law and that tech will always keep doubling in some sort of way until his Singularity theory bares fruit.

2. Second. The Singularity theory that man and machine will marry in 2045 is frighting as hell. It will be a slow train that no one will question until its too late and we are one in the same. I could see benefits but mostly see trouble. Still to early and trying to process this info.

3. Third. Dude kinda lost me with the "Snake Oils". I know dude he a smart man and knows what he is doing but 200 pills a day to "Reprogram" he body to live longer. I don't know about that. He says it only Bridge 1 and its only to carry them along until Bridge 2 comes along and Nano tech will be there to help us. I don;t know.

Again, I still trying to process all this info and see where I stand on him. But dude has got something.
I'm glad you found it so interesting! I constantly try to bring it up to my friends offline and they glaze over it every time. I have a friend who is all new age believes we went through a big spiritual shift on 21-12 but when I bring this up to him, he acts like I'm speaking nonsense. I'm always down to spread it around.